May/ Writing/ Health/ Relationships/ Communication

          May is roaring on colder then Mays of the past so far. Global Warming is real folks, the ice caps are melting, the oceans are rising and it is because we have destroyed the atmosphere we live in and pollution is destroying the world. Sadly mankind is the only species that does not think enough of it’s own planet to save itself. Sad isn’t it?

           As the year continues, so does my writing, I am working slowly on a story I am calling The Phasings, I hope when I do finish it, it will be interesting enough for many to read and enjoy and like and buy. I write not as a living, but to relieve and express emotions, ideas and tell stories i either made up, or to express the days and times of my life that for me were important moments in time and my decisions. Each story, poem or even song I have even written tells truths, entertains in it’s own right, and some even tend to teach people and parents not to do what was done to me as a child. So I hope with that in mind some will read some of my works on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books.

            Health wise my battles still continue, my lung cancer has been removed last September by a great team of medical people at The Veteran’s Hospital in West Haven, Connecticut.  They found it and actually saved my life in 2013, the same year, their organization has come under attack for not treating patients fast enough in other states.  I wish to say something for the Veteran,s  Administration and Hospitals and it’s Doctors, they are over loaded by veterans who are older and young, and mentally damaged people who have served our Country. If you want to stop mistakes from happening in the Hospitals and improve the health care of Veterans like myself, get UNcle sam to hire more nurses, and doctors and technicians, and tell them to fully staff these hospitals. You can’t, ask a handfull of medical specialist to treat millions can you? Expand the staff at these hospitals please!

               Next subject, beginnings and endings happen everyday in life to all people, as relationships end and people move on. Please do not take me as a person giving any advice, but ideas, or thoughts on what I think only. Do not take what I am about to say as the bible of verse of relationships, but, it should count for something if people listen. All relationships, are built on open communication and honesty folks. If you and you spouse are splitting up, or having problems, lack of communication skills will probably be why? Remember before you yell at your spouse/partner about anything, to listen yourself and not yell, speak clearly to them and express your needs, their needs and listen or the relationship will die. It’s a two way street folks, not a one way one, wake up out there!



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