Health Changes, New Story

        Health Update first- My cancer is eliminated from my lungs after my surgery last September, yet, my scars hurt and bother me daily.  Now I have encountered other problems, first a fatty tumor in my liver, which is now determined as just that not cancer. But I now suffer from Barrett’s Disease, which is a stripping of the lining of my esophagus, which is a precursor to throat cancer.  Which I hope can be prevented by the Doctors, yet time shall tell.

I just recently started a new story I am currently calling The Phasings. It’s about a person who phases in and out of history at some of the most important dates in American History and survives long enough to tell someone about it in the end before he dies himself.


       Blurred Vision is all I have; I can see basic shapes but no, clarity here can’t move I am frozen in one spot! Slowly things start to phase in, a building then the brick in it, and windows, become clearer, the floor comes thru next appearing below my feet. Suddenly, I am here, on earth it seems, in a building still frozen in place as things become clearer all around me, slowly phasing in for me, but it is all material things found on earth, windows, doors, bricks, floors and some furniture slowly comes into vision. Slowly everything becomes more solid, the floor I can now feel beneath my bare feet, it is cold and damp but it’s now solid. Where the hell am I , I don’t know yet, but all I can do is wait frozen in place as it all comes into slow focus now.

That is my start to it here, I hope some will read it when I finish the whole story.



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