Health Notes and Possibilities

     I remember back in 1990 when my mother came home diagnosed with lung cancer and told us she had it. My Step-father had cancer too and was less then six months from dying. Prior to that I had lost my Grandfather to cancer on moms side at 71 years old in 1971. Cancer then came back again to claim my real father in 1984, and circled us till it got mom and my step-father. Now it has hit me, with lung cancer and I have already lost a lobe and one third of my right lung. I have six herniated discs, sleep apnea, PTSD from childhood and service years, depression and anxiety problems too. It seems that no matter how many Doctors I see, more pops up for me.  

       Yesterday was a MRI of my liver where they have found a spot that was never there before, and an endoscopy for my throat to my small intestines to check for polyps and cancer or anything else. Luckily I am still here today and I don’t know what those results are as of yet, but at the least I may have Barrett’s Syndrome in my throat at the most possibly cancer of the throat and liver. The Results won’t be known immediately, so I will await them in peace. I know not what the future will hold for me, or if I have a future either, but I do know I shall live each second. minute, hour and day I wake up in full and try to enjoy myself. I can’t see it anyother way myself, I will not go down crying in my soup so to say.

          I have thought over the possibilities of my dying in the near or not so distant future and come to a conclusion few will understand. I will not ask my daughters, my sister or my wife to bother burying me or to bear the brunt of  the bills. I am filling out a form from the United States Navy requesting I be buried at sea after cremation.  I shall fill it out and send it in as soon as possible so all are covered from any cost, of my death.



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