Video gaming/Television/ Computers Tablets and Cell Phones/News Stations

       Are Video games and Gaming Consoles too damn expensive, I think they are!  An Average Video game for the X-Box One or Playstation 4 goes approximately 65 bucks American Dollars, then one system the Playstation 4 is now 3.99 plus tax and the X-Box One sells at 499 plus tax. Come on folks lets be real here, if you switched from your old console to a new one when these came out, the minimum expense had to be at least 399 and 65 for one game which is 454 before tax and the X-Box One is a hundred dollars more, just to start. Then both companies did not make them backwards compatible to play the current games you have for the older machines, either. I love video games but not at these prices  or expenses. Imagine if you have more than one child playing them, then you have to add 60 bucks for a new controller for them, plus a membership for a server online, so they can play live with others. Add it up folks, 399 & 65 & 60, and a 50 dollar membership= 574 dollars before taxes for a new Playstation 4, for a X-Box One it’s 674.00 dollars a shot. Crazy isn’t it, I think so. So and you are bad to both Playstation and microsoft for thinking Americans are made of money!

        Next subject television and how  some families allow it to babysit their children daily. I understand family time television in the evenings before bed like anyone else, but when you turn on the television and allow it to babysit your children your asking for trouble. Kids can be programmed by television folks, suggestive ideas put in their heads will kill people. They see it on a television screen they come to believe they can do it in real life too. Sad isn’t it?

         While I am at this. I want to mention computers, tablets and cell phones. People in america are definitely addicted to these devices and don’t have any idea how to escape them. They get fascinated by a computer or tablet phone or a telephones screen whether it’s a game, chat, texting or anything else it makes them lazy. What happened to the days when American children were outside playing with other kids, doing sports and games, instead of staring at an electronic screen and wasting away?  Years ago, a little video game came in created by russians, called Tetris, people spent days, months and even years playing it, and still do today, it got Americans hooked on video games and is making us weaker by the minute. Too many of our children and now generations of adults are stuck on this shit, we need to either ban it from children or stop making this garbage it is ruining america and it’s people. It is making us soft, which I believe was the intention of the Russian Government in the first place. But thats only my opinion folks, believe what you wish ok. It’s a kinda of mental warfare we as Americans would fall for.

            Final rant for today, news stations and companies like Fox, CNN, CNBC and others, need to realize that situations like this MH 370 plane going down in the Indian Ocean, are not going to have continuous periods of news to dish out. The search is happening true and we all know it, yet they keep splashing it across our tv screens and the air waves of radios and there is nothing more to report, really. Do you really think the average person in the world cares if the search area is 200 miles wide or 16 miles wide, nope not until you find that damn plane we don’t. And we do get tired of repeating damn reports that just say the same things over and over, there is more in the world happening then just this search. Stop hanging on and on and on to the same damn subject matter, the world is full of other things to report too.




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