News Feeds on Television/ Politics for 2014 to 2016/

      As every News Station on Television, follows and watches whether MH-370 the vanishing flight will be found and gives wall to wall coverage, shouldn’t they be considering the fact that, they really have very little to discuss, until the plane is really found? People get tired of the same news over and over and over CNN, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC and others. Unless you have more pings, find  parts,  or bodies please cut back on the coverage. It is crazy to wake up at 6 am eastern time zone here and see it all day, till 12 midnight. All the coverage fills your air time true, but if there is no new information why keep repeating it? Please wake up to the fact that there should be more news in the world then just one place that vanished and went down, no disrespect intended ok?

        2014, is rushing on by month by month at a God Forsaken rate for me it seems. April 15 th already folks get those taxes in or file for an extension, so you don’t get fined big time. Uncle Sam will get the money one way or the other if your American, so just pay it Although I do believe the rich should pay more, if you have billions or millions folks, pay your damn fair share and don’t complain, not all of us are as lucky as you.

           Next subject, Politics! Politicians will be coming out of the woodwork very soon from both parties and maybe three. The Race on for the White House will begin once more pulling out many of the old candidates from both sides or all three sides if you will. Will we see Hillary Clinton run? Will Joe BIden oppose her if she does, and if she doesn’t will she support Joe Biden if he does? Will Ted Cruz attempt a run as a Tea Party Candidate?  Who Knows right, what about Rand Paul will he run in place of his father? We just will know pretty soon, I am sure. But can Americans actually make an intelligent choice of a President and Vice Presidential ticket to run the country, or will we as Americans make fools of ourselves? This is the biggest Political question America has faced in it over two century life!. We need strength, character, ability to lead, and most of all, someone who can listen and make decisions that help not harm the Country in all phases.

            Final rant for today folks! My health is declining I know it, but, I am stubborn and refuse to give up in anyway, it may not be the cancer that gets me, but who knows what. If i do go anytime soon, which I firmly doubt I just hope people will remember i stood for helping others, and making the world better, I served my country well and honorably, and in the end, I never hurt anyone on purpose or out of spite.



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