Changes/Writings/ Preamble/Health

       Changes come and go in life, and that includes relationships, people and jobs. It includes Doctors, Lawyers and more too, sadly each lose, causes changes in emotions in people. That is why the whole of human nature still spins on planet earth is it not? we survive by reaching out when we need someone or something to survive and they sometimes come from unexpected sources so to say. But if the fates allow it, they can work out also and make life better for all.

        Next Subject; as many know I write and a lot of my writings I have made into little shorts and short books and try to sell them on Amazon’s Kindle E-books. My Luck has not been there so to say, my writings  don’t seem to sell well. I have thought many times my stories were assembled well and good enough for others to spend a buck to buy and enjoy. I guess I am wrong on that point, so my 41 works  sit in Amazon’s E-Book library waiting on someone to find and like them. Nothing I can do except keep trying to write on subjects I know something about, or an stories I may believe are good enough to sell that i make up. Nothing much more one can do is there?

           I did commence work on a new story, I am calling Phasing- I hope at some point to finish it and edit it properly before releasing it at all. It’s just barely begun, but i hope when I finish it, it will entertain and impress some people, but it will be a slow work. I did the Preamble to it and started and finished one part so far.


                                        Phased Life Time


       Blurred Vision is all I have; I can see basic shapes but no, clarity here can’t move I am frozen in one spot! Slowly things start to phase in, a building then the brick in it, and windows, become clearer, the floor comes thru next appearing below my feet. Suddenly, I am here, on earth it seems, in a building still frozen in place as things become clearer all around me, slowly phasing in for me, but it is all material things found on earth, windows, doors, bricks, floors and some furniture slowly comes into vision. Slowly everything becomes more solid, the floor I can now feel beneath my bare feet, it is cold and damp but it’s now solid. Where the hell am I , I don’t know yet, but all I can do is wait frozen in place as it all comes into slow focus now.

       Each moment that passes by brings more vision to me and makes it clearer to me, I am on earth, but where and when, what year is it, what date and where are the people I see nothing but a window, a floor, a brick wall, and nothing else still. Everything phases in and then back out and then back in, what’s wrong with me, what is happening? I don’t know, so I suck, in a big breath, and try to steady myself standing there, unable to do much else. I feel a little dizzy and uncertain as things come into focus my stomach is doing flips and my head aches from a headache that is unbearable in my mind. I don’t know what happened what the hell is wrong with me? What is going on, nothing is stable it feels like I am going in and out of somewhere, but where and why and what the hell happened? Finally, I see a metal bed against a wall and stumble to it, falling hard on it and finally resting on the surface in a prone position, I fall asleep now. My body and mind has been pushed to the limits I can feel it as I pass out, and can’t do a thing about it, just sleep and the darkness takes me away.

             The above is the Preamble I put together for it, it wil cover adventures in time and space so to say. I will see how it goes, and how I work it, I hope impressive enough to grab and hold a readers attention, I will indeed see.

             Well, Next is  the health question for me, I have had to face the fact I am a cancer survivor and that my body basically turned against me in such a way. I survived it all, after lung cancer surgery last September 2013. Now I face more tests coming up on April 23rd, one will  be an MRI of my liver, where a spot has been found that was never there before. The second is my throat, the esophagus  swollen and they want to find out why. So they are going down through my mouth with a scope to my small intestines, and hope to make sure no polyps are in there or in my throat. Hopefully, it is no more than just acid indigestion problems and I will be fine, but time shall tell. No one knows until the test results come back is all I can say. I di get lite headed, a lil  dizzy and very tired at times where I must lay down. But what causes it at 58 I have no idea, but the tests could find out I guess. Sometimes I believe fully the life essence which is me, is slowly ebbing away inside this mortal body. Time shall tell.




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