The Adult Poems By me!

The Adult Poems


I dream of her night and day,
Her fragrance seeps in to my being,
Her thoughts and words come back to me,
How did this happen, from whence did she come,
A surprise a wonder is what she may be,
But the Lord, brought her here to me.

Each day and night, through happiness and sadness and fright,
I remember her words, her thoughts, her looks, her fragrance,
They are now a part of me,
A part she doesn’t notice or really see.

These dreams come at night and during the day,
They reoccur, and keep me aware,
That out there she is, missing me as I do her,
Why neither of us can ever be sure.

Her smile, her touch,
They mean so much ,
Can she know what they really mean to me,
Is this something she can see?

I may never know,
For she darts through my life, like a mystical light,
They shinning and then gone,
As I watch and wonder and hope and ponder,
Whether she shall ever notice me or care?
Should I ask, should I speak, should I say I care,
I hesitate, in confusion and in fear,
Will I ever take the chance and say a word,
Should I, Could I, Do I Dare?

Hot July Night

The sun burned all day against her skin,
The body shined with perspiration and sweat,
She swayed to the music of the night,
And I watched and wanted her all night.

I approached with careful looks and gently you see,
To, find out if she would accept me.

Her eyes were coals of black staring back,
And I swear my heart had an attack.

We whispered in each others ear,
As hands roamed over each over,
And to each others rear.

The passion grew as we held each other tight,
Breathing coming in large short breaths as our passions rose.

I playfully patted her on her ass, and she whispered more,
So I applied more swats and smacks for her and saw her hold her shudders back.

She whispered to me, she wished to be alone,
Let’s go to my place, my home.

In we walked passions high, and our bodies close,
She whispered to me, I want you the most.

I pulled her close by her hips,
And gently kissed her with my lips,
Our tongues entwined and a fire started inside to burn,
For we both had a passion that needed to be met,
And she wished to be mine and a pet.

I gently ran my fingers in her hair, as second hand grabbed her by her rear,
I squeezed both cheeks and smiled, then smacked them as the clothes fell to the floor,
Wait she said, I must go and lock the door.

With baited breath, and a tingle in my loins I awaited her return,
Yes we had a passion that burned.

Each touch, each caress, caused our passion to rise,
And I could see the passion in her eyes,
For to her each smack, each swat, each touch,
Raised her passion oh so much

She swayed and moaned, breasts hanging down, breathing hard,
Her moans growing louder and louder, her passion showing prouder and prouder,
The moment had come you see,
She wanted all of me.

Slowly I laid her back, and started my attack,
Licking slowly down her body, and taking in each inch of her satin skin,
Licking some places harder and softer, and hearing her moans once again.

Gently I grabbed her by her ass, and spread her thighs oh so wide,
Plunging my manhood deep inside.

As we made love so slow and then faster and faster,
I heard her scream as she came, I love you, you bastard.

What a special night it was, both all out of breathe you see,
And knowing I belonged to her and her to me,
All, on that hot July Night!

Misty Night
By: William

Was a misty night in October,
The mist rolled across the open fields and hid the trees,
She came through the mist at me,
Her beauty almost drove me to my knees.

Her smile cut through the mist and fog,
Her beauty burned the mist around her,
Making it part,
And from that moment on she owned my heart.

I froze at the sight,
What a delight!

The mist surrounded us and held us tight,
Locked in a stare,
The passions showing in our eyes,
Oh what a misty, October night!.

The Moon was shadowed by her beauty,
The skies parted it seemed to let her through,
Did she know what she could do?

Gently we touched, hands touching hands,
Pulling each other close,
Passions building and hearts beating in time,
I could not believe this beauty was all mine.

For one night in October under the foggy skies,
Through the mist, we touched, we caressed, we kissed.
We let the passions loose, felt the wonder.
Was it a dream or a chance, or a blunder?.

I will never know what it was or how it happened,
But I will dream of that misty October night,
Forever and live in surpise and fright,
For it was indeed, one special October night,
Burned in my heart and mind,
Never disappearing from my minds sight!.

Special Angel
By: William

She graces us with her presence each day,
Each of us see her in our own way.

She is here though, in all ways for us,
A beauty with charm and grace,
An Angel that brings light,
To, all of our hearts, right down, to our deep, dark parts.

Her presence is mostly in silence and strength,
But her beauty shines through,
Each word she speaks causes a pause,
Each laugh an applause.

She knows not that she is the Angel we adore,
Because so many of us don’t say it enough,
Of that I am sure!.

We appreciate her polite ways,
Her style, her grace,
The smile, on, her face.

She is like the hostess from above,
And she brings hope and love.

Heaven sent her down to us from above,
An angel with peace, intelligence, humor and grace,
It beams from the smile in her voice and face,
And she spreads her love all over us in this place.

We don’t tell her we notice or that we care,
Well this is my way of saying to you, you angel,
That we do care, and my way of letting you know I do share.

The End of Love
:By William

It started as a flicker and a snicker,
A Game it seemed, she came to me,
Playful and in a mood,
And we started fine.

It grew slowly as our hearts began to race,
But rumors and lies became interlaced,
And in the end it changed her and she did an about face.

Why do I try so hard?
What makes me search?
What makes it so?
What do I search for?
Will it make me insane or whole?

And when it ends, who is really to blame?
For it all crashing down,
And coming to the end.

I will never know or understand why love does end,
All I know is it starts as a friend,
Grows to a passion and caring,
Goes on to all the sharing,
And then it drifts off on its own,
To a drastic end.
And I lose a friend.

So someone please tell me why it must end!


The Real Hurt
By: William

Have you ever set out to be nice, to help and to care?
Then find yourself so close it hurts,
And then realize you can’t escape,
And then felt like you did an emotional rape.

You didn’t intend to hurt, you didn’t intend to touch,
You didn’t mean to go where you did,
You know you’re an adult,
And not a kid!.

Yet you feel, you try to give, you tell little lies,
You smile and try,
To keep someone happy because you know their pain,
Is it all really such a shame?

The hurt is not just one way,
You know the person is terminal,
And that their life will come to an end,
You didn’t start out to make them love you,
And it wasn’t supposed to be so,
But it went both ways, and I loved her so.

I couldn’t bring myself to tell her the truth,
I couldn’t hammer her heart,
I couldn’t hide the lie,
I knew we would both cry.

But her life will be oh so short,
Her time with us so brief,
I lied to keep her happy, to make her smile,
To let her know I loved her for a while.

I didn’t know she would fall in love,
I hope and wish her well today,
And forever more,
And I pray for her soul you see,
Cause even if I lied,
I loved her so, and gave her a part of me.

SO the hurt is not one sided you must see,
For the pain goes two ways,
I will live with my actions, and my hurt.
And always love her from afar,
For I hope when she passes and time goes by,
She will understand how and why,
I wear the shame and pain and hurt,
Upon this chest,
I hide beneath this shirt,
For it is real shame, real pain, and real hurt.

The Silent Searcher
By: William

She sits in silence and so shy,
Awaiting that one that will hold her close,
Aching to serve one Dom who cares,
Who wants her most,
And who, she will see eye to eye with.

Her silence speaks volumes of unspoken thoughts,
It tells of her self pride and self esteem,
Of what she looks for,
And of what she does dream.

Her aloneness speaks of her taste and style,
Of her patience and intelligence,
Her strength that comes from the inner her,
And make no mistake, it makes her very special,
Of that I am sure!.

She chooses slowly who she is with,
Who she may want to be with and serve,
How she thinks and searches for just the right one,
So she can be happy, content, and secure.

Seeking and finding is not easy, nor is it a game,
It is not just grab and go,
For more then kinks and desires and wants and needs must be met,
She needs the love, respect, and caring,
For which she knows she deserves,
And that has not been found yet.

A beautiful soul she has, filled with love and respect and loyality,
One so intelligent with a sense of humor and self is what she is,
Who seeks to be appreciated and cared for and wanted,
Because she is missing it in real life,
For she is someone’s girlfriend, mother and wife,
And is missing, an important part of her life.

All she seeks is one to fulfill those needs,
To care for her, to love her, to respect her,
To give her what she does not have at home,
For we all know how it is to be different,
And to feel so alone!.



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