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      Hello America and readers, I hope this Monday turns into a fine day for all!

       Well, health is always an issue with me, come Thursday Morning begins the next phase of it I guess. I need to go to the hospital for a pre-check-up for a endoscopy on my throat which will take place on the 29th of April. Time to check the throat for soreness and swelling that has been happening now for years. I also await word on an MRI on my liver where they found a spot, never had that one before. So time shall tell how far I can go. As we all already know, my family history of Cancer is not great for anyone in my family. My Grandfather on moms’ side died of prostate cancer, my real father lung cancer, mom lung cancer too, so my having had lung cancer at 57 was no big surprise to me, really. Now I am 58 and a cancer survivor as is my wife these days. Each day is a step forward to survival or death, for us both, but we carry on anyway.

            Religion, has never been a big part of my life except as a child when I was sent to church on Sundays and Sunday school. I attended until I was fourteen years old, then stopped when given the choice is all. Am I ashamed of leaving it nope, am I ok with that fact yes. I did all the Roman Catholic things, taking Communion, making communion, and Confirmation too, in the red and white robes of the Roman Catholic Church. But I drifted when I found the tales of the bible as made up and false, at least in my opinion. I don’t knock anyone who believes in them or has faith in the church itself, but,  we have no proof that the Bible is the word of God, it was all written down by humans and passed on to other humans until the book was completed and then edited by the church itself in the end. So I believe the Bible no matter, what version or from what religion is a documented story being told by man over generations of writers, who continued it and passe dit from generation to generation is all. For I can do the same with a story, start it, hand it to family or friends let them read it and add a new chapter through years, anyone can. Where is the proof, there is none really. Faith is the only thing anyone will use as a reason for being religious, because you have to believe in something for guidance right?  But, what about the Big Bang, Evolution, and other theories of where human came from, are any of these real too? Probably not if you ask me, we all come back to one question, if it was God where did he come from and where is he now, if it is the big Bang what started it in the blackness of space, and if it was evolution where did it all come from in the first place. We have no human answers to it all do we?

           Anyway, all of the above said and done, I want to thank all who read my blog when I post it, I hop eyou can also find time to try my little poems and books on Amazon’s Kindle E-book Page;


The Project Murders, in Broad-View Acres -
“Tick, Tock The Infernal Clock” —-
“Fishing Days with Dad” ——
“Abraham- A Man of Contradictions” —-
“My Maria”—
“Rusty The Beagle” —–
“Angie’s Folly”—–
“Three Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One!” —–
“Wails of an Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Child” —
“Three Navy Stories” —-
“Three Amigos”–
“Passing on……………………”—
“God Damn It!”—-
“Women are in Charge!”—
“WHy Hide It?” —-
“The Poems of W.M.M.” —-
“National Guard Hereos”—-
“The Holy Land Murder”—-
“The Poems of W.M.M.” —-
“Romance,Sex and Fools”—
“What Really Happened to Alex?” —
“Unattainable Love”—-
“The Northern Woods Murders”—-



“Blackness in Alaska”

The story of a Sailor turned Seal by the Navy and sent on a mission to preserve security in Alaska and the USA




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