March Ends/ Writing/Health/Cancer/Flight MH370

       The End of March 2014 for us in Connecticut is a snowy day, as we expect up to about one inch of snow. The weather keeps changing back and forth and yes I believe Global Warming is the cause. Mankind is the only species on the planet that can kill the world it is living on through stupidity and being selfish. It is sad as hell really.

        As March ends my health hangs in there so far, my breathing is a lil slower and I can’t run like a used to, but what do you expect from a guy who lost a lobe and a third of his right lung to cancer. Thats life as they say. I am awaiting further tests for a spot in my liver found on my last Cat Scan and a Endoscopy test of my throat due to thickness of my esophagus and to find out what may be what, where. I keep trucking along trying to write and be me, and enjoy life each day is all.

         My writing has slowed now a days to a much slower pace as I think of what I want to write about or make up as I go along. But hell, each story or tale or poem I have ever written has some attachment to real life for me.  I try to change the names and mix up and add things to amuse others to get their attention, so they may like them all. Doesn’t always work and sometimes my writing skills are not as good as I wish they were. I sometimes wish I listened better in Elementary School or High School, especially in English Classes, but what the heck youth got the best of me back then.

          I have written now over 40 different works dealing with my childhood, murders, mysteries and poems but I do not sell a lot it seems. I suppose it is because my skills are not as good as I would like them to be, and some of the items I write do not interest others as much as they do me. I did takes on Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit Disorder. I did stories on my childhood problems with Wails, and Children Center Lessons and Years, love stories with Unattainable Love, and Maria and more. I did Murder Mysteries with The Northern Woods Murders, The Project Murders in Broadview Acres, and more. My Poems are now turned into books and hopefully some will like them over time. I do what I can when I can nowadays so everything moves slower for me.

           On the upside of all, is The UConn Huskies here in Connecticut, both Mens and Womens teams are in the NCAA Basketball Tournaments and winning a big plus for our state. The revenue alone will help UConn gather more students and players over the following years.

            In The meantime we have disasters galore across the planet and no way to turn them around or change them, anymore than we can now stop Global Warming. Battles still rage in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran are still fighting for recognition and Russia has decided to try and annex not only the Crimea, but maybe Ukraine too. Why, I have no idea, except to increase their own land mass to accommodate more people. Who knows I don’t, for I am not a political genius of any kind.  Which brings me to todays News Headlines: North and south Korea fire missiles at one another, why? Be damned if we know right, but I will say one thing, Americans can not get involved, we already had out Korean War fiasco no more please.

             Flight MH370 has disappeared off the face of the earth as far as mankind can see so far. All those lives lost and no answers is not a good thing. Was it a mechanical problem, a pilot error, a terrorism incident,an accident or what and will we ever know? What do you tell the family members when you really have no proof what happened in anyway? I don’t know, but I do know if it can’t be found and is under the Indian Ocean so deep, we may never know and families need to face that fact.

              My close for today’s blog:

               I am a cancer survivor these days as is my wife and many other human beings on this planet. A disease so horrible it eats away human beings and turns their own bodies against them. It needs to be cured and stopped folks believe me for i survive only after a accidental find of my lung cancer. I appreciate my survival and the Doctors who helped me through and the family I love so much for being here. Somehow, someway, I am still here and I am amazed. But as my dad said, Life shall go on, long after I am gone.

              I leave you with my cancer story I wrote, at least the link to it, it costs 1.99 to buy, but in the end it tells a cancer story many need to read so here it is:

The Disease [Kindle Edition]—
Bill (Author)
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Kindle Price: $1.99

You can leave me reviews or messages of what you think on that Amazon Page thanks.



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