Some thoughts for March 3oth, 2014

      Welcome to Sunday March 30th. 2014. The Final Four will be determined today in college basketball. The weather is beginning to shift toward spring, and life slowly goes on. The Russians are deciding whether or not to annex or take over the Ukraine again. The Afghanistan’s still don’t know which side is up and may fall prey to terror groups once again, Cancer is being fought worldwide, politics suck worldwide and people go down in planes and may never be found again. Yet the world keeps spinning in it orbit, and continues on it path intended for now. One day we will destroy this world from polluting it and misusing it’s resources at a greater rate than they can be produced. Sadly, the future of the planet and humankind is not unlimited. What mankind has not figured out is the only thing keeping us going is the planet we live on, and if we keep destroying it we can not survive.

          Battles are opening across the worlds surface on more than one plane of existence. Each of us fight our own in many ways. I fight cancer as an individual, and so does my wife daily. We survive on pure stubborness and determination, but how long can one fight their own body turning against them and survive? No idea but we shall fight on no matter what, for we want to live is all, but sooner or later even the force of ones soul and spirit gets tired and we fade from the living. It happens to all living being on the planet folks, our time runs out. Amazingly, it is usually when we have completed, our missions we were put here to do. I know, I know no one understands that when I say it, but, we were all put here to accomplish missions given to us by the supreme being that gave us life, once we complete all of them we are recalled to from which we came from. That just my personal view is all.

           A Final Thought for all today, if mankind was supposed to last forever, wouldn’t all resources be unlimited instead of running lower each day? sadly, what I say is true, and in the end generations and billions of people are here on the planet, but we have too many to survive forever on the world we live on.



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