My Little Star trek Story

The Tidy Bowl Man’s Demise

Captains Log; Stardate; 3/15/2013: 8:15 am
I have been stuck in this watery world for months, searching for land. The water get rough now and then yet I survive.

Captains Log: Stardate: 1/15/2013:
The skies above the ship has become dark on and off, and the water gets rough, I still survive, a water spout hit, but, I survived it by paddling fiercely!

Captains Log; SStardate 3/15/2013: 2;15pm After avoiding the water spout the water has calmed now, yet I don’t knpow when the next storm will come!

Captain’s Log: Stardate 3/15/2013; 2;30 pm I am tired after surviving the deadly water spout, and now the skies above have darkened.

Capatains Log Stardate; 3/15/2013; 2;30 pm Looking up all I see is dark skies no light when suddenly the waters get very rough, large waves buffet my small boat.

Captain’s Log: Stardate 3/15/2013;2;35 pm The skies have cleared above for now, yet I hear a voice talking to me, what the hell are you doing here?

Captains Stardate03/15;2013;2;36 pm After trying tro answer the voice for what seems lioke hours I get no reply, yet I hear bombs away yelled as the skies darken.

Captain’s Log; Stardate 03/15.2013: The skies have darken now and the bombs start dropping I fear my end is near. The waters star rushing in a down spout and poofffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, I am gone, Sucked down deep now, looking up I hear a voice, the hell with ou Tidy Bowl Man, you’ve had it!


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