Age/ passions, Living/ Laughing, Crying and Dying!

      Age, Physical disabilities and overall health issues tend to get all of us as we go on in life. Yet, as I face these issues each day, the biggest thing is not health, it’s mental health really, I think for all of us. We tend not to accept aging and aliments very well and when our bodies fail us in anyway we fight back with will power and tenacity. We tend to never give up untill we don’t have the mental strength to do so, and that is what makes life so hard at times. 

        I have a belief actually, that all of us as individuals are put on this planet for certain missions God created us to complete, and that once we complete them, we return to the place from which we came from, back to the arms of our creator. Life is one constant mission each day with lessons to be learned, and taught to others, and to interact with other human beings, for the good of the world we live in, period. It’s all about what God intended when he made the planet and mankind, interaction and direction by way or each of us towards what will ultimately be mankind’s  fate in the end. I know I sound religious to some but the truth is i am not a firm believer in any religion, I do believe in God but in my own way, I do not believe in attending a church or listening to a  priest or paying a religion to practice it, I do believe God hears us all, so pray when you can though.

         As I age I look back to the good days of my younger friends, the ones who I spent time with fishing, camping, eating,building cars with and more. I look back at family I learned from and siblings I taught things to. I look back at memories of voyages across oceans as a Sailor in the Navy and the countries I visited. The People I met,  I laughed and the tears I cried, these are the important moments in a person’s life to me. following inner instincts God gave you as to your direction is everything. Helping other people is basic and needed to be done by all, so do it folks help a friend or family member survive and learn the planet and mankind will be better for it period and so will you as a person.

         As I have begun my 58th year on this planet in January of 2014, I look back on things because I have regrets, I had hopes vanquished, loves squashed, hates disappeared and in the end, loves found. We all do I believe and it matters not what you look like or who you are, or what color, race you may be, we all dream and reach for goals. Stick with them folks no matter who you be, for one day you will reach them if you keep striving, believe me. So, Strive, LIve, Laugh, and cry, but in the end we all face the fact we die, just be prepared for it, by doing the best you can while living! In the end make the best of your time on the planet and with others you touch and who touch you, for as we all know out time is limited here on Earth!





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