Health Updates and Tests

       We all get tested in life, when I was a baby I suffered through 199 seizures and survived, then I went through Hyper-Activity and Attention Deficit Disorder and overcame to go on to being a service member in three branches, U.S. Army, National Guard and Navy. I went through the test of surviving those years and going on to survive 6 herniated discs in my spine, ptsd, depression and more.

        I feel I am tested more now then back then, period. I suffer from depression, anxiety,ptsd,six herniated discs, plus now have sleep apnea, and now have survived lung cancer too since last August 2013. Today I went to the Doctor for a six month check-up after a cat scan and blood tests were done on me. Again, I am tested more, for while my lungs of which they took 1 and one third lobes from are fine now and clear, no sign of cancer. But, now my esophagus is in trouble and thick for some reason, and needs scoped out. And to add to the fun and games the cat scan shows a spot on my liver they don’t know what it is yet so that is an MRI coming up next. What other tests will I face and pass or fail I do not know, I just know each day is becoming a challenge in and of it’s own right.

         My father God Bless him lived till only 55 and died of lung cancer, my mother lived till age 59 and died of lung cancer too. Me, I am currently at 58 years old, and unsure if tomorrow will come or not half the time, will I go past mom’s 59 I have no idea. One day, one Doctors Appointment and test at a time is all I can say. Lord have mercy on me is all I can say. But I am old, stubborn and ornery as they say and I refuse to go yet, so I shall fight on no matter what is next.


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