LIfe and Aging/ Second Life

     Seems life gets shorter each day ya live, right I know big deal right, everyone knows that. Get over fifty and ya remember and realize it each day you wake up. The body is not as willing and able as the mind is and things start to slow down and take longer to react. Add in medical problems, such as back troubles, PTSD for mental problems, depression and anxiety, and sleep apnea and you tend to move at a slower rate as the world whizzes on by, it seems to me. Seems no matter what one does as one ages you can never seem to fully catch up to the world around you as you age. Ah well all is a part of living and for that we should all be grateful.

        Next subject what does one do for fun when your closing in on sixty and not 100 percent healthy and a disabled veteran? For me it’s write, play video games, read a lot of books and build puzzles and play in Second Life on the Internet as a  make believe world to belong in. Second Life is a pixel driven realm online for all to be who they want as they want and have fun. It has everything in it, music, clubs, motorcycles, cars, boats, horses and games galore. You can Dj in it, you can play games like Putt Putt, Bowling, and lots more. You can visit other lands and people you would never meet in real are on there. Amazingly it makes one forget the pains of real life and gives one a place to imagine and enjoy other people and more. You can teach and learn, you can create a world of your own, or just create things to sell and make lindens on. But Lindens are needed once your in the world and you can earn em through many ways from free games, creating and selling, and  much more. More people should try it and see what they think!






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