Hump Day Thoughts

      It Wednesday again folks, yes we are halfway through the week! Hard to believe when time tends to go by so fast isn’t it, feels like yesterday was New Years Day! But the world will keep on spinning long after all of us are gone or have killed ourselves off by foolish bullshit we do as humans. No other species on the planet is so self-destructive as human kind, we kill off the animals, the planets, we pollute the waters and the air and than we sit back and blame it on everything but ourselves. Time will tell the story of being living on a world blessed with so many fine resources, but who ruined it for themselves and killed themselves off. The only question now is how long it will take and will mankind accelerate the process or work to prevent it from happening?

       That said and done, I do not look forward to cat scans every six months and blood tests, but I have to live with it as a cancer survivor now. All survivors deal with the chemo, radiation of cat scans and MRIs for check-ups and more. It’s crazy but how else will you know if it comes back to bite ya in the ass so to say. Cancer is a bitch!

        Final for today; My story is out in book form on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books: I did 41 small stories into books of different kinds each. So look for them folks and help an Old Disabled Veteran make a few bucks to survive will ya!

         “Blackness in Alaska”

The story of a Sailor turned Seal by the Navy and sent on a mission to preserve security in Alaska and the USA



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