Concerns abound in people’s lives around the world today. We still have slavery in some places, we have wars still going on and people dying of Aids, and more. The Ukraine is falling to pieces, Russia is stepping in, America is warning and Russia is in return too. Nedd I remind the world and America and Russia too, we had two World Wars already where millions upon millions of me and women and children died for stupid reasons, lets not do it again, Please!

       Other Concerns the world’s economy. America’s economy, education, social help for needy people and more folks. Can we all wake up and realize that there are too many poor and unhealthy individuals in the world and someone needs to help them, that means the healthy ones and the ones with money should start doing their parts Sadly, it has become a me, me, me world and fuck you. In the old days of the 60’s, 70’s it was we, we, we, why is now a me,,me,me society and fuck you, because we have become too damn selfish! Wake up folks!

         Final Concern today, people like myself who live with cancer over their heads and how we survive and carry on. My wife had breast cancer and I sat through her operation praying she would live, and through her chemo and radiation treatments too for a year, she is still here Thank God with me after 7 years later. Me I was diagnosed with lung cancer in August of 2013 and had one and a third lobes of my right lung removed in September of 2013. I survive today, but like all cancer victims I must wonder for how long! I was scheduled for a check-up cat scan recently and had to go down and give blood for it. Upon two days before I was called by the Hospital cat Scn people, what they said was they needed to reschedule my Cat scan when I asked why, seems some Doctor sheduled a second scan over the first and they will be doing both at once. What does it men I do not know, but obviously they found something in the blood tests they will be looking for. I only hope it’s not much. I hope to survive all of it but no guarantees. Ah well life shall go on no matter what!

        Finally for today I leave you with the link to my latest story on sale on Amazon E- Books;

        “Blackness in Alaska”

       The story of a Sailor turned Seal by the Navy and sent on a mission to preserve security in Alaska and the USA



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