Newest Story coming out, Blackness in Alaska!/ Politics/Military benefits Cuts, NOOOOOOOO

      My newest story is called Blackness in Alaska. It’s about a sailor recruited to become a Seal and sent on a mission in Alaska. security has been breached at the United States Borders in Northern Alaska, one man is sent in to find the people responsible, it the russians! And its Rockin Randall razor who is sent and barely comes out alive! It’s not being compiled and hopefully released thru Create A Book on Amazon. we shall see if it is any good once done. I hope it is!

        Next, politics in America is gearing up for the 2014 mid term elections now and the parties are coming out swinging at one another of course. But before all decide on who will win the 2016 Presidential Election, we must all decide on whether it was smart to divide the House and the Senate by party lines and end up with stalemate in Congress! What do you think of Congresses actions or inactions during the last 6 going on seven years? don’t you think America has suffered enough stale, non movement government tactics already and that we need to get things moving again? Vote out those who vote no on everything, or those who try to blackmail or control and stop advances from happening!

         Final Statement for today from me folks! The United States Government asks for volunteers for the military each moment of the day and night and men and women take on the job which pays little, but bring prestige and promise for their futures if they survive it. Don’t let Uncle Sam cut Military Pay, or Benefits for anyone brave enough to serve please! If you think they serve for their own purposes, or because they want to advance themselves without care for anyone else, your wrong. Ask any Service Member why they serve it’s to protect the nation and loved ones they have at home, not for money or glory. Let them have their commissaries, there medical and dental benefits for live under Honorable discharges. Don’t take anything away from those who served properly and Honorably!




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