Music Lover I be/ Reba/ Veterans

      I am now 58 years old and have seen many musical singers and artists come and go in my lifetime and every now and then I am asked who my favorite artists are of the modern era for Country Music, Rock and Roll and Folk, But since I do not listen to modern rock and roll, I do country these days and grew up on it is all.

      I have seen artists in concert starting with Neal Diamond, then Billy Joel live, Trace Adkins and The Beach Boys. I come from an era that music is music not just rap or madding rock with lyrics I can’t understand. I loved groups like Seals and Crofts, and singers like Harry Chapin and Jim Croce,  their music was about a life like mine.

       So i was asked recently who would I love to see live in Concert just once in my lifetime, if I could. One person comes to mind and I have loved her music and voice from the first moment I heard her, her name is Reba!!!!!!! Reba has the best voice i have ever heard and her voice is like the sound of angels to my ears.  her performances make me want to dance and sing myself as well as smile ear to ear and she is one great looking woman too.

       If I had the money I would love to see a Reba Concert live and meet her just to say thank her for the years of musical enjoyment she has given me as a fan of hers. But my days of going to concerts are over for  money is tight and I am a disabled american veteran and could never afford tickets to such a show. I gave 16 years of my life serving my country as a Soldier, Guardsman and Sailor, yes I did three branches I failed at the first, but went back and made up for that failure. Now I have 6 herniated discs in my spine, PTSD from service and childhood and much more to deal with. But I am never ashamed  of my service and discharge which is Honorable. But at 57 last year I was also diagnosed  with Lung cancer like my parents before me, one died at 55 and the other at 59 and I am currently 58. My step-father also went at 59 from cancer too, it seems to run in my family for me. I shall hope for a longer life though and so far so good without chemo or radiation needed, although I am down a lobe and one third of my right lung. I survived and will for as long as I can, I am sure.

       So the next time you take a walk at a Mall, Park or any open venue and you see a man walking on a cane, or limping or bent over in pain or having trouble breathing in anyway think about the American Veterans whom served not for their own benefits but to protect the loved ones they left behind at home and came back home to.



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