Why I write !

       I have given life stories to lil books, that are real and happened in my time. Stories as I saw them and see them today in my eyes and mind. One can not change the perceptions of what happened in their own mind, but accept, explore and try to understand them. I do my writing alone best and sometimes yes I create stories that are not based on reality too. My mysteries are all made up by me and my poems are old and from the heart from years gone by. Each story i tell, poem I write, is for me a way to relive the past, to allievete  PTSD problems from childhood and service times, or just messages meant to touch my children and grandchildren in the future, in someway.

        Why write many have asked if all your writing is not all real life stories or based on real life.? Well I hope the above answers that for all who read my works. 

          Thanks Again for reading my Blog and Stories and Poems. I may not be as professional as others, nor do I have an editor, but i try anyway.

            Currently I am working on a book, I am calling Blackness, I am in a Chapter 6 now and over 9,oo0 words long. Hopefully, when I finish the adventure and story, some will like it and buy it. We shall see!



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