NFL Play Offs- Conference Games- 2014/Stories

      Sunday has arrived and two Championship Games in the NFL will be played today. One for the AFC and one for the NFC.

        The AFC- Pits two gunslinging Quarterbacks in Brady and Manning and both have some great receivers too. Offensive lines are about equal and can protect their Quarterbacks well, and pass and run block.  What will determine the winner in this game is simple defense and mistakes. Which ever team makes a mistake and turns the ball over or finds a way to pass defend best wins. These two Quarterbacks will be in the Hall of Fame one day, one way or another no doubt, Manning holds all the passing records and has only won one Super Bowl, so this game is more vital to him then to Brady. But we shall see in a toss up game like this one who knows what can happen. If The Patriots can run on Denver in their home stadium then they could win this, but on the other hand if Denver can run for over 100 yards and manning is on his game, this is all Broncos. Stand by folks for a good damn game here!

       NFC- pits the San Francisco 49ers against a Seattle Seahawks team that is hungry and wanting it all and plays like it too. San Francisco, has an Offense that can score on anyone and a Quarterback on Kapernick who is good. Frank Gore will key this offense with his running, if he goes down or can’t run, San Francisco will have to depend on the arm of their man. Kap is good but how good is yet to be shown.  defensively while San Francisco is a pretty damn good defensive squad here, I say the Seahawks have the better Defense in this game. Seattle also has Wilson for a Quarterback young strong, determined and  a hell of a player. Then you throw in Marshawn Lynch and you have a bowling ball runner who can run in tough spots and in the open too. Lynch should be on anyone’s all star team for sure and has power to spare. To get to the Super Bowl, Wilson’s arm and Lynch’s running in a nice mixture combined with some toss’s to the wide out to keep San Francisco honest at the line should pull it out.

         Yes, I know I am predicting an all Western Super-Bowl to be played in a cold New York, but, thats how I see it this time around. Prepare for the Seahawks and Broncos in a shoot-out in the frozen tundra of New York’s Metro Stadium. It will be a good one if I am right.

       Last but not least today,I present:  book for sale on Amazon’s Kindle E-books. it’s called Men Do Cry. It’s the true story of why men do cry, how we cry and why and why there is no shame in doing so, and that it is needed to be known, we need to cry too.

“Men Do Cry”

I have now written 40 different short stories and little books. My poems are well known by some also and I thank all for that. Thanks for reading my blog and listening to my Rants, My Poems, my poems and my predictions. I hope some will like all I do and read my works. God Bless you all!


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