My 40 Works Online

       I now have 40 written works online all written and created by me, yet very few sell at all. I wonder if it is my editing, my writing, or my style, or they are just not interesting enough for people to want or read. Do I market them wrong through Amazon’s Kindle E-books, do I create them wrong using Create A Space’s formats? Or am I just writing about subjects people don’t care to read about?

        They range from a very short sci-fi story I call Mackey, to Murder Mysteries and even a romance or two, yet I guess my form of writing is not good enough for other sto enjoy or I don’t embellish enough in my Military Stories. What ever it is, I am becoming disillusioned with writing and trying to reach the public with what I do. Maybe I am just not cut out to write and produce books good enough for the world to see. I have done many believe you me, even some on John F. Kennedy’s Assassination. maybe it’s because I don’t follow the story out far enough to an ultimate conclusion when it comes to my personal ones. I have no ral idea anymore, nor will I let it stop me or slow me down. It may change the direction of what I write and my subject matter.

           I was given advice long ago, when writing try to write on subjects you know and can make real, so I produced Disappearing Hams a Navy story. I produced Unwanted the story of my real childhood, I produced others too, too many to list here for sure, but I did them. I should have expanded them maybe, embellished them and made them more fantastic or more fantasy like, to sell, I can’t be sure what it is. I have placed my works on Watt Pad. in Amazon’s Kindle E-Books, and on KOBO too, yet very few sell. It must be my style or that my writing sucks in some way. Maybe people want something more factual, longer in nature, or less personal. I wish I knew!

            I will stop now and try to figure out whether, it is my style of writing, my use of the english language or the stories themselves before I start anything new. Maybe I should write stories more personal in nature and more realistic, or use more scenery or backgrounds, or expand the story to include two or three plots in one. I really don’t know anymore. Or Maybe I have written my final story when I did Men Do Cry, which explains why we men do cry and proves all of us must, no matter what sex. I know at least about tears, crying and misery believe me, but I don’t think that is what people want from me as a writer. I wish I knew. 

         Maybe the facts are what I should have stuck to in many stories or tales I told, I really do not know for sure. So I am going to post here a short story I compiled on JFK’s Assassination, an event in my life that I saw personally on television, and that affected my soul as a human being. All the facts are not perfect folks, nor is the writing, of it, but it does include what I think of many theories on it all .

         I hope to get some response on this one, as to what people think of it: Leave comments please:

JFK’s Assassination
Why Hide It!
By: William M. McCurrach

The trail always leads back to where it should have begun if you follow it carefully. History twists and colors and changes the truth to hide it from the world and its population.
On November 22, 1963, such an event rocked the world and the United States of America, as John F, Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas. Texas, his head blown apart, on public television as his wife Jackie, crawled over the back of the trunk hood of the limo, trying to scoop up his brains. The film is played across the world daily maybe a hundred times a day and on American Television it is all a part of the history channel and other channels as all tried to figure out, what happened and who was involved.
As American and World History tell us today in 2012, President Kennedy was shot by a lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, a loner, and an ex-marine. Were we really told the truth by the Warren Commission, or by the Commissions since headed by others? The only Commission to hold up the lone assassin theory of this killing was the Warren Commission, but did they tell the truth, was their whole magic bullet theory correct? I think not, I think the investigation if it was done proper at the time, would have led to other conclusions. The conclusions I speak of could involve Fidel Castro, The Bay of Pigs, Lyndon B. Johnson, and even the Mob led by Carlos Marcello and Santos Traficanti. Yet how would one prove such a theory all these years later, how can you really dig into the past so far back and find the truth? That my friends is what I wonder, but I can only give what I think a shot and let the American People think what they want and respond, can’t I. The theories abound each day and year that passes, information slowly trickles out of the Government files and FBI records and more. Yet no firm release of all the records has been done and still you get the sneaky feeling, Uncle Sam is covering something up and only giving us a little at a time. Why is that, most likely because it is true, the American Government worked overtime to hide the facts, the people and avoid the truth of that shooting in Dallas. Jacob Rubinstien AKA Jack Ruby said it before he was jailed and again at his trial, no one shall ever know the full truth of what happened on November 22, 1963, if I don’t talk. He begged the Warren Commission Members, Justice Earl Warren and Representative Gerald Ford to take him to Washington so he could speak freely. They refused, why? What did Jack Ruby really know that the Commissioners were afraid of letting public? What did J. Edgar Hoover hide and why? These Questions all end up centering on some very mysterious and ruthless figures all connected to Jack Ruby. Carlos Marcellio, Santos Traficanti, David Ferrie, Roselli, and more, names remembered in Mob history for sure. Did the Mob really kill Kennedy and get away with it? I think the evidence may show it did if the investigation can ever be pushed forward and the truth can come out to the American People. Fear divides and halts so many, that even today in 2012, the Mob is silent killer and controller of many things, yet, as we know it shall never disappear will it?
We all know Jack Ruby was from Dallas at the time of the Assassination in 1963. But where did Jack come from, who helped him pay his bills for his clubs and what the hell was all that phone activity on his phones prior to it happening? How did Jack Ruby end up in Dallas, when he was originally in Chicago, prior and running guns to Cuba? The answer to Kennedy’s Assassination is not through Lee Harvey Oswald it may indeed be through Jacob Rubinstien AKA Jack Ruby.
Ruby ran guns, did odd jobs and more in his younger days for people like Capone and others. He ran the books for horses, and got money from criminals to keep his clubs going. He messed up Chicago somewhere and was banished to Dallas for a mistake and told to run the clubs there. His reputation in Dallas was as a club owner and punisher, a man running strip clubs, why? History shows Jake Ruby ran guns to Cuba, dealt with Mob bosses left and right and at one time as being a strong man for some of them and an errand boy too. The solution to Kennedy’s Assassination is through Jack Ruby, the connections dangle off of Ruby in many ways, and do you really believe the nonsense statement of, I shot Oswald to save Mrs. Kennedy pain! Come on Ruby wasn’t emotional really he acted well at the time to preserve his own family and more. The truth needs told sometime, doesn’t it folks, are we really dumb enough to believe the Magic Bullet Theory, or the Lone Assassin Theory? How many Officers were in Dealy Plaza that day, how many radios were open and how many people on the grassy knoll ducked at the sound of gun fire and ran to the knoll verses the Book Depository that day in Dallas? Look at the films folks, look closely immediately after the shots where people run towards first. So many unanswered questions arise regarding that day in Dallas and the days following and years too. Who benefitted most from Kennedy’s death, well we can look there too. Lyndon B. Johnson became President, Carlos Marcellio stayed in the USA and got out of deportation, and Jimmy Hoffa rose to heights in the Unions and then disappeared for his big mouth. Silently across the America of the 1960s, mob bosses lived comfortably and without threat from Uncle Sam. Even Fidel Castro got stronger and steadier in Cuba, why? The decades have passed now and the records and files from Kennedy’s Assassination are still closed off to the public, they were sealed for fifty years after his death, why? What is hidden by the American Government, from the American People regarding Kennedy’s death and why? Will we ever know?


I hope some will comment and tell me what they think of the above lil story! Thanks to all who read this blog!






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