My Stories selling/ Cancer fights/Rant on Christie

     January 2014, I have produced a new little book on Amazon’s Kindle’s E-books and Create a Book. I call it Men Do Cry, it’s on sale at this link:

“Men Do Cry”


On Top of that my short story of the Antics of the crew of the U.S.S Dahlgren (DDG-43) When I served on it has sold 4 copies this month to former crew members. It can be found on Amazon’s Kindle E- Books also here:

A fun read about the antics of the crew, and life aboard a navy vessel. The author has a good sense of humor and made the words come alive. Review of my story,
Disappearing Hams

 As January rolls on, it is time today for my trip to Oncology at the Hospital to check my status as a lung cancer Patient and my blood work. Hopefully it shall tell me it has not returned and I do not need any chemo or radiation still. But the blood does tell is all I know, so I shall see. Also my wife is getting more biopsies done on her breast for her lung cancer and may lose a breast to make life more livable for her. These days we are the cancer surviving couple around town and to family and friends. We both are stubborn, ornery and never giving up, it’s us.

My Rant for today is on Governor Christie of New Jersey and his Bridgegate and now Storm Sandy misuse of funds. I don’t care how much you wanted reelected, or what you think you did so well running your state, much like President Nixon before you in the White House you have brought on your own downfall with all of this. To allow your staff to use your name to close the Washington Bridge for retaliation against a Mayor who wouldn’t back you is bullshit and cost an old woman her life maybe.  Then, you go on to ask for, beg for and get relief funding for HUrricane Sandy for your state and people, yet use it to make a campaign ad for you and tourism in New Jersey while people need the money for home repairs and business repairs, come on now.  Then you have the balls to stand before America and the people of your state and tell us you didn’t know what was happening in Bridgegate and you are ashamed it happened. Get off your big ass Christie and admit you knew and were involved and carry on and drop the bullshit ok, just drop the Presidential aspirations and move along ok. You won’t become President not with this record or do you think the American people will forget that easy and forgive?




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