NFL Championship Games

Come this Weekend 4 teams remain in hunt for the Super Bowl Trophy and that is it.

AFC-  The New England Patriots go to Denver to play the Broncos! This game will pit two of the leagues best Quarterbacks against one another one more time Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning will be the big story for all sports broadcasters to talk about. But in the end it will be either one defense or the other that determines the winner here. The defense that can best slow down the other teams offense is the one that wins, basically even Brady or Manning can not get things done if the cornerbacks and linebackers do their jobs right. The best coverage team for passing is New England I think, yet Denver has a great run defense. To win one team must be able to do both run and pass, it will probably be New England, they are better built for it all. So I say take New England in this one, because in a close game, they can still run, Denver can’t. This will be one hell of a ball game for football fans of all ages here!

NFC The San Francisco 49ers, go north from their home to face the Seattle Seahawks, in a game of younger Quarterbacks and great defenses. This battle will probably, determine who gets the Super Bowl trophy in my opinion. If Seattle’s defense plays up to speed and all out they will nail Kapernick in the back field more then once and contain him from running and I believe Gore will be held to under a hundred yards in Seattle. In the meantime, Wilson and his offense will throw  at will in the short passing game underneath and outside, and then throw some running in to watch it pop the game open up the middle. In the end this game will  more than likely be the closer of the two, yet, it will determine who wins it all in the League. I say this for one reason, defenses in this game on both sides are tough. If Seattle wins, either of the AFC Teams, New England or Denver will face defenses like they haven’t seen before. Seattle has the best defense of the final four here. If San Francisco wins then the AFC team will face a fast and decent offense. I would take Seattle here they will be home and ready under Pete carrol for the biggest battle of the teams history.

My Picks for the SuperBowl of 2014

Seattle vs. New England


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