21 Things to know before you Get Married for Men

21 Things you didn’t know before you were married!
1) Never ever mess with someone’s toothbrush!
2) Never forget if you’re a man to put the toilet seat down!
3) Never try to not fix something she wants done, she will get you till you do!
4) Never refuse to empty the trash!
5) Never forget you will have to go get her female pads!
6) Never say no to her, if you do the couch isn’t comfy!
7) Never think she will do the yard work, she will make you!
8) Don’t ask for sex once married she will tell you when!
9) Don’t expect her to do it all housework wise if you do it won’t be done!
10) If you buy a pet and it’s hers’ don’t expect her to feed it and water it or care for it, it’s your new, job!
11) She won’t let you forget to do the maintenance on her car, believe me!
12) Women never are ready on time for any appointment except bedtime!
13) If you think you swear bad or talk bad about women, and they say that about you, sneak into a Victoria Secrets Party they have and listen!
14) If your wife says you nasty for masturbating, she does too, but won’t t’ tell you!
15) Women hate porn, unless you include them in watching it!
16) When you have a child with a woman, do not try to calm her during delivery, if you do she will bite your head off!
17) Once married men, you better be ready to shop till you drop, if not you might as well stay single!
18) If before you married you took her dancing and now you don’t you better be prepared for divorce!
19) Never argue with a woman buying purses or shoes, you will lose!
20) If you think as the husband you can get a word in edge wise while she is talking and holding the floor, you better think again!
21) Don’t show your woman you can cook, if you do you just took it over!

These are some of the silly things you learn after marriage, when it is too late and you’re trapped and signed up for the long run. Check them out before you ask to get married, you never know what they will do next. And don’t try to predict about what they will do, if you do they will change it, just to prove your wrong!



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