Thoughts of World, War and Home!

     Another Day begins in 2014, and more keeps happening world-wide. Each day a new attack from someone on someone somewhere in the world. These who believe war will earn them something are wrong, unless that war is based on principles of peace and necessary. Sadly, we shoot each other and kill each other like fools over a border line, a religious quote, a belief, or in anger, each minute in the world someone dies, who shouldn’t due to it all.  Wars are foolish, unnecessary, and ruthless, for more innocents get killed and all we do is watch in horror. America tries to defend and protect and police the world against evil, but in the end, ever the greatest nation in the world, must stop doing so and take care of its own people.

America is not made to police the world, but we are here as a country and people, because we believe in what is right and that all men are created equal. We believe there is no reason to attack another country just because of religious beliefs, or political differences, we do what is right and we may walk away from such people it is our right as a nation. Policing the world failed for us in Korea, it failed for us in Vietnam, it will fail where ever we try to do it, for we are not the world police folks, and people have differences we do not belong in. We use our military to influence and push other into a better direction, isn’t it time we realize, we can’t afford to keep doing so. Afghanistan, The Sudan,  and others across the world call for our help knowing we have military might and political pull in the world, but is it time we stop, pulling others fat out of the fire so to say. What can we do is North and South Korea  fight it out, nothing folks, we are too far away and too smart I hope to do that one again. If you want to help the world and the people in it Americans help the children who will one day be the leaders on the planet to understand and survive, so these wars will not happen again, educate, teach, live peace.

       As 2014, goes further along we are now 5 days in, and I see no change in America’s stances on many things and yes, I am an American Disabled Veteran folks. I did my job for 16 years in the military lived my life my way and did as ordered. I firmly believe in America, protect, preserve and defend, I didn’t stay in the military for that long of a time to not care, I stayed in not for myself, but for the love I had for my family and friends back home here. Some Americans have the opinion that American Service members stay in just to retire and get the benefits from it, others do not understand, as military members we do our best to stay alive out there, but we do so for those we love back home. We get killed and hurt and injured, and then we come home to a country that has moved forward, elected a new President and been taken in a new direction, and we feel left out or lost, because we can’t assimilate to the society we left behind anymore. So we suffer depression, anxiety, pain each day and we smile through it all, until we feel abandoned and forgotten by the same people we fought to defend and protect. Then as the depression builds, in loneliness, one day they find us dead with a gun in one hand and our brains blown across some floor. This is what happens to men and women who serve who can’t live anymore because of PTSD, depression and anxieties and they can’t reach out and find a way to fit in anymore, because they are no longer equipped to do so. Sad isn’t it folks but true, look around and you will see us, struggling on a street corner, living in a cardboard box on a street alley, asking for donations so we can eat and sleep in warmth, heading to churches for help and to talk. We are Americas Veterans, we are the survivors of battles you all sent us in to fight, and we did so proudly, not for ourselves, but for Love, Honor, Country, Family and friends. So, when you walk into a Walmart, or shopping mall or plaza and see a scraggly person, in old uniforms or dressed in flags hobbling around and hurt, and hungry, many of them could be us, the Veterans you asked to serve and did so proudly only to come home and get overlooked.

I have other beefs and rants too of course as a man and a person, but none more than the above. I don’t agree with all that our country does, but I do have the following thing to say as a final rant for today. If America were to pull out of all war zones and battles and policing actions, bring home all weapons, military and money, and put it into the American Economy and making jobs for all and educating Americans, wouldn’t America be so much better off? Think of the money we spend to fight wars and police other nations and people and how many billions we use to do so and what it would do for our own economy and country if we invested in ourselves instead of it all? Amazingly, you would find an economy today that would be growing instead of puttering along, the jobs would open up more and the wheels would get greased that we need to fix, Obama Care, to fix Job Markets, to fix many things, yet we continue to fight wars for others! Sad aren’t we folks, we sometimes look too far outside and ignore what is inside our own country and needing help.

Ok, enough ranting today, it is Sunday a Fun Day as my baby sister always say, It’s a Sunday to pray as you please to what God you believe in, it’s a Sunday for family, friends and lovers to unite. It’s a Football Day in January with two games played yesterday and two more to go today for WildCard Weekend in The NFL. One thing Americans like to watch sports of all kinds, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, and more, yes even Golf, why I don’t know one whole of that one and I sleep.  But, people are different every where ya go and we love our sports.  So Sunday is usually sports day here in America, although the women hate us for it lol. We do it anyway, and love it us men at least. Traditions just die-hard for sure and we pass them to our children each day we live, this is just one of them.

My closing today is a little different folks, I as a Disabled Veteran believe in my country and our freedom of speech and appreciate it greatly. As all of us should for we fought for the rights we have long ago in history against the British and Won. I believe in our right to bear arms too, but, I don’t believe in the right to bear military weapons in our homes, on our streets or not protected and safety on and stored properly so our children will never get them. You want to hunt animals fine, you want to go shooting on a range fine, you have these rights, but you do not have the right to take a firearm to a public place and start shooting people because your mad or depressed or sick.  We need stronger gun laws to protect our children, our citizens and more, not to protect the people who shoot people, Ok! Enough said!




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