Here in Connecticut, where I live, we got hit by Snow Storm Bethanny last night and into today. The Snow is not too bad but the cold is miserable and the winds and temps even worse. The wind picks it up and swirls it about and wham drifts occur making it harder to clear up in a driveway, walkway or yard. I have a snow Thrower/ Blower and believe me it will clean it all up as soon as I can with it. I do not have any intention of killing myself doing so, since I am now down one and one-third lung. Cancer does slow ya down folks believe me, but I am also a stubborn old sailor and I will not pay anyone 55 bucks a shot to clear my driveway when I own an Ariens Blower. Besides no one needs to go anywhere that bad around here.

I can remember when I was a kid back in the 1960s, and I would get dressed up grab a sled and off I would go, riding down hills every where we could. Laughing, and joking and so intent on who could reach the bottom first. Ah it was fun being a kid, making snow angels, having snow ball fights, riding sleds in the snow. Playing Baseball, Football in the backyards and fields, plus games like hide and seek, 1,2,3 Red Light, and even Army games. But those days are limited for all of us humans we grow up to be cynical, mean, bitches and bastards, who only worry about our ourselves and our own children. Yet the children don’t know the difference and still play and have fun and that is all a part of life. It’s something we pass down and kids learn easily and with laughter and tears sometimes. They don’t worry if they are white, black, hispanic, oriental or any other race or color, they just know it’s fun to play together. Funny how society is different when your young than when your older, kids become what we teach them to be folks, just like the snow when it falls, it does what mother nature tells it to do and cleans the planet to a holy white scene. Amazingly, we get along so much better as children then as adults on this planet, every wonder why? It’s easy folks, no matter who you are, you teach your children to be like you, to do and speak like you, instead of letting them grow on their own and find out alone, we warn them, we put our prejudices, our discriminations in their minds and push them to be scared of the others, to be fearful and to hate and dislike. We shouldn’t for like Hillary Clinton said, it’s takes a Neighborhood to raise a child and make the world better, we all need to be in the same one.

Today, is January 3rd, 2014, it’s cold, windy, snowy and it needs cleaned up outside. But in my heart is a warmth for the family, friends and grandkids I love best. As we get further into 2014 each day, I stop now, once a day and think of the loved ones and friends I have had, and wonder where are they now and are they all ok? Time makes us separate and move on as each part of our lives come and go, in stages. Yet, each of us can indeed look back and remember special loved ones, friends from each period or age time in our lives and smile at the memories. It, is folks what makes us all so human, we have emotions, we have minds, we have thought and yes memories of all kinds. Just, remember the good times folks, use the bad as a guidance to avoid and go on with life as 2014 will roll along, and make it a great New Year and new Life start fresh as the white virgin snow and build a new portrait on it.


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