January 2nd,2014

ImageToday is January 2nd 2014 a new day  has dawned and I still remember January 2nd, 1982 when my first daughter Eileen Marie was born, pictured above. It was a balmy day in Virginia that day in Norfolk, as I walked her mother, my ex-up and down the streets to induce her to give birth. We chatted about family, life and having a baby. We walked for hours at a clip to get Eileen to come, she was stubborn then before birth and more so today I bet. Yet at 2;58 am on January, 2nd, 1982, she came into our lives, and we will always love her, no matter what she does.

Eileen Marie has her own attitudes, her own personalities and thank god, she got my looks not her moms. But that’s another story, she grew up after the divorce between her mom and I, raised by her Grandmother and Uncle and her mom flying in and out working everyday. She still has her anger towards the world and the fighting spirit she was born with, and is usually a straight shooter. I was proud of her the day she was born and i am proud of her today too, I keep telling her, you can do anything you set your mind to, as long as you stick to it, and she does.

I will love Eileen till the day I die, even if she gets angry at me at times and dislikes my views or opinions. She is my daughter and I hope she will know that forever more. I have a second daughter too, Leslie Ann, and love her and her family also just as much, each is an individual in their own right, a little different from the other, but still my girls. I love ya both Eileen and Leslie and Hope you both know it too.

Now with a new Year under way, snow storms coming in to wash away the odors and stinks of 2013, a new beginning is here. The world is fresh, but is it ready to move forward? Or will we face more wars, policing actions, fights and battles with fools who want to conquer all and make the world a sad place to live in? Lets hope not, let’s do what is right for our people, our country, and pull out of all wars, and use the money, materials, personnel and more to drive our economy, create jobs, and make America a place that is first in all.

When I was a child in the 1960’s I was born in 1956, the world was indeed a different place to live in. People would stop and help one another, whether it was to change a tire or an injury. It was what I called it, a we society then, where it was all for one and one for all. It changed in the 1980s to a me society, yes people running around saying I got mine, the hell with you, and has stayed that way since, sad isn’t it? Americans are not meant to be me people, we are meant to be we the people, not give me and the hell with you! Sad isn’t it, that we turned in that direction in the 1980s and never turned back?

As Obama Care rolls out and more and more Americans enroll in Health Care for all, lets hope it works for all not just the rich. Lets hope Congress has a brain enough among them to increase Unemployment for another 26 weeks, lets hope we can create jobs in many occupations and get our people back to work and to middle class levels everywhere here at home.

Congress needs to also address the Farm Bills that affect the cost of produce and dairy products. Don’t let milk got to 5 bucks a gallon, children need it to grow, don’t let farmers work themselves to death and have no income to survive and keep going. Fix it!

Last but not least today I want to mention the following; As a boy I had no women in my life who protected me or coddled me in anyway. My mother, didn’t do any of that.

But, as I grew older most of my friends are females and I had surrogate mothers and more so I am lucky as hell that way. I went from a loner boy, to a male surrounded by women in life. I have my daughters, my sister, my wife,roomers and more all females, old friends and more, and I thank God for all of Them.! So I am a lucky man in many ways, not only with the birth of my daughter, but with life in general. I write stories, poems, blogs people read. I have survived seizures, 199, by the age of 9 months old. beatings with pipes, two by fours and fireplace pokers, 2 years in an Institution I didn’t belong in, then 16 years of military life between three branch of service Army, Army National Guard and US Navy. I have survived also service injuries 6 herniated discs in my spine, sleep apnea, depression, anxiety and PTSD and now in 2013 I have survived lung cancer. I am indeed a Lucky Man. I love all my friends and family, my daughters, my wife and my life, God Bless all and Happy 2014!


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