My Thoughts on the World as we head into 2014

       30th of December 2013, is here, the day begins in darkness for me, I awoke at 6 am you see. As I sit here and think back on the year I start to think of what people live through. We live through pain, suffering, hopes and joys, thoughts and things made up by little girls and boys. We live on dreams for the future and try to forget the past, but are we all living too damn fast?

       2013 had flown on by for me with all that has happened in the world. One day after another followed by stories of murders and murderers who get off on killing people and escaping the justice system in the world. We see leaders of countries killing their own off one by one or in mass amounts, we see disease and more come invade people’s bodies and countries, yet no one has the solutions so  people die in mass amounts. Why? Balance ladies and gentlemen, balance, the human equation and the planet’s too, say we must balance things or all be through. The polar ice caps melt each day at a faster rate than ever before, due to mankind’s lack of respect or care for the planet and the atmospheric system we live in that is so fragile indeed. The atmosphere is slowly disintegrating, the water sof the world rise each day and year, closing off land masses where humans must live. yet we continue to pollute, destroy and hard the planet that sustains and keeps our beings alive each day, why?

           Here is a few other thoughts about 2013 for all to think about. 1) Do we follow our leaders blindly and let them lead us into wars and disasters for all. The wars of the world are based on political bullshit and differences no man should be killing each other over at all. What would happen I ask if the Jews and Arabs all found they came from the same one day in the near future and they just actually broke off from one another over religious beliefs, not political ones? Be amazing wouldn’t it to see, that indeed no matter what religion or background or heritage we may be, we are all indeed related as human beings and intermixed without knowing it! 20 What if the whole world had Health care for all, paid for by all of humankind to help one another survive? Could that happen yes, would it no, for we let personal and political bullshit get involved and fight one another.

              What if we all pulled back the troops, weapons and fighting between each race, country and each other and found common ground, could mankind eventual save the planet and itself by using the combined intelligence of all the people in the world to preserve the plants? I bet we could, if we just stop being assholes to one another, and really start listen and give each other respect instead of hate!

              Has anyone ever realized, Orson Wells, the writer, producer, director of movies and books fame actually gave us a solution to saving mankind before we self destruct decades ago? He produced the story and movie of War of The Worlds and talked about aliens invading the earth, at sometime in the future. If you watch the story closely and pay attention, all humanity at first goes into a panic scared shitless by the invaders. But than they realize to survive they must band together to save the human race and face off the invaders as one race, the earthlings who belong here. Amazingly, there is the blueprint to save humanity, it’s planet andour way of life, by making sacrifices to battle what we can as one. Interesting isn’t it folks?

              To the countries like the United States,who hold nuclear weapons in their arsenal to protect their own or to retaliate, I say, there is no more reason for them and they should be banned and disassembled and that includes, Russia’s our own, and any other country that has them too. If one man pushes a nuke button and launches at another the world would be done in less then 15 minutes and all of us as the human race would be gone, leaving a shell of a planets behind. is that what we intend to do here on Earth folks, if so, ya better find a new planet fast!.

             So, as we now head into 2014, in about 48 hours or so, we should think about all of this and more. Is having a political difference or a religious difference enough to kill humanity itself off and destroy the planet we live on? I think not, so wake up folks. 2014 is a coming, can we make a Resolution that says, no matter what color,race, heritage, religion or beliefs we may be or have, we are all mankind and we need to get along and together to save the planet and the human race!



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