Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

       Christmas Eve Day  is here soon to be Christmas Eve! The Night shall bring for many kids, dreams of special things! The toys they wanted, the clothes they need, the food to eat and the souls to feed.  They will go to bed all clean and sweet, dreaming of all those special treats.  On Christmas Morning they shall wake up bright and gay and run for the tree, and all the gifts they can see. They wil hunt thru each one to find out how many they got, and hope the toys they got are the ones that are hot! The parents will watch with delight, as their children open their own packages to their delight. They will play with their toys  like good girls and boys and the laughter the parents will hear. By the time Christmas day does end my friend, there will never be a tear, or fear, just sounds of a great cheer!

      So, as we head into Christmas Eve, with the lights on all the trees, the balls showing colors, and the smell of pine, I want to Wish Aaa, A Merry Christmas and a Great Time! Just remember one week later we enter a New Year too, Happy New Year to All if I miss saying so. As my Doctor told me after I saw her recently, and I survived Lung Cancer, Lets Hope 2014 is a much better year for all!



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