Sunday Funday and More

     Sunday as my baby sister would say, is Fun Day in the world. You relax, play games, and watch Television, you play with ones you love and have fun.  People rush to Church, make fresh coffee, read the paper and wish they had money to buy things from the ads. The women prepare to do cooking and clothes and the men play video games, fix things around the house and watch the games. Yes indeed, Sunday is Fun Day.

The end of the NFL Season is here men, it seems that time has come again. When the Playoff Picture is clearer for many teams and on the border for others, for some it will be win and you’re in, for others it will be your already in, let the fun begin, and for the rest well, next season will be next.

Major League Baseball produced a Champion in The Boston Red Sox this year of 2013. Then after the game the free agent market swept in and stole players from the team that won, once again. players getting millions of dollars to play a past time favorite, for all, especially kids of all ages. Yes Folks, Baseball, Football and even Basketball started out on the playgrounds of the world and all loved playing it for a while. It seems we all have our Fun days don’t we folks?

Sundays are also movie days for many, as they rent movies, go to the theatres and use Net Flix to look up the ones they missed.  What is the latest Adventure or Mystery Movies. or Sci-Fi flick we can all watch as family together?  We watch our movies with popcorn or treats in hand a drink by our side and a friend be it a woman or a man. The Pets run to and fro and watch us as we watch them go, and we do what we can to make joy and laughter once again. So yes, Sunday is indeed Fun Day for many!



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