Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



        The snow has fallen this year already, the season of the Holidays is now upon us all. It is time for love, laughter, joy and giving and helping other to keep on living! Please remember what i always tell so many others, Christmas is about giving, loving and enjoying the ones you love, not about what you receive. The roads may get icey and the fields covered in white and the sun may set early all on Christmas Eve Night. But through it all comes a man in a  sleigh, he Ho Ho Hos almost all the way to bring children some delight. It’s all about the hugs and the kisses not the things one misses, it family and love you see. So as we all settle in for Christmas Holidays and soon to be the New Year, lets do it with laughter, lets do it with love, lets do it with care, for the ones of whom we share our loves.  

       From my home to yours I send these wishes, May your Holiday Season be filled with Joy, Peace and Love, and May each and everyone of you who read this remember, The Holiday Season of Christmas is about Faith, Beliefs, Caring and Sharing, and then it is followed by a New Years Beginning, 2014 is a coming fast, so Happy New Year to all and may your New Year beat the bad ones in your past!


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