Survivial at it’s Best

  At 57 soon to be 58 years old it is hard to believe that 2013 is slipping away one day at a time now. I have seen 57 years of life, strife, laughter and work, and it seems no matter how you look at it, there is  still a purpose to my being here, what it is I have yet to realize.

        I believe that all of us are put here on this planet for a reason, a mission so to say we must accomplish in our lifetimes, in order to return from whence we came. Some missions are simple and given to people who die young and they accomplish them without knowing why and head back to their maker in a hurry. Others, take longer to get there is all, like me and billions more across the globe we live on. Amazingly, we do find that mission at some point complete it and then suddenly we are gone from the planet, because we did what we came here to do. So, who knows when I shall be recalled and what I must get done to get to rest again, but I do know I am trying to do and be my best.

          I survived so far, 199 seizures as a baby boy in the first nine months of my life, till I was dropped on my head and they stopped. I survived a step-father who beat myself and my siblings senseless many times over, I survived being the outcast in school, institutionalized as a 10-year-old for two years and returning home. I survived being bullied in Elementary School, High School and more in my teens. I survived puberty which is amazing in itself to me and then went on to survive more. I survived 16 years of Military Life that gave me in the end depression, anxieties, PTSD, six herniated discs in my spine and sleep apnea. I survived a divorce and a lost of my children and fought to see them again and won. Now the latest survival for me, was cancer.  I have survived Lung Cancer Surgery, they took my middle lobe of my right lung and the small cell cancer out in September 2013 and here I be still alive. Why I still don’t know, but here I am.

         My mission in my book these days is to try to straighten out the mess that occurred around and during my divorce from my first wife. Vindictive people who lie should be arrested for ruining too many people’s lives. Sexual Abuse of any kind is nasty and it is even nastier if you are falsely accused of it and have to fight your way out of it over decades. I know I survived that false accusation also and fought to get to the truth and get it revealed and did. Again it is surprising I am still here, trying to straighten out a mess my ex-inlaws caused with their children and then to me and my children too. Will it be solved, probably not, but I know I worked to clear my name and got a admittance from the daughter who accused me, that she was told to say what she did. So I went on in life and do what all men do, take it one day at a time and Survive!



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