My Front Door to Yours/ Happy Holidays

Image From My Front Door to Yours  A Wish for a Happy Holiday Season for all! Today is December 16th, 2013, I am 57 soon to be 58 in January 2014. I have seen many Christmases, many New Years and much laughter and yes even tears. I have learned many times over folks, it is much  better to give than receive, believe you me! Holidays mean different things to different people of all nationalities and races and colors in the world. but the one thing in common for all, is they involve thinking of, loving, caring and sharing at least in heart and mind with family, friends and lovers, all you can.

   As we get closer to the Christmas Holiday and it will be followed closer by the New Year too, please remember those who cared and loved you. Don’t forget the Christmas Holiday is not about receiving, it is indeed about giving, so give a warm hug a special kiss, be there with some for the year you may have missed. Say hello to the little ones where ever they be, and Please above all else, accept a Warm Holiday Wish from me! this link is to my Three Tales of Christmas I wrote, 

       It contains three stories of Christmases Past- 1) The Flying Christmas Tree

                                                                              2) The Miracle of Christmas

                                                                            3) The Importance of Christmas- which expresses to me what it is all about!

Enjoy folks and maybe someday, my works will make a bookshelf in your home or in a store for sale I am trying.




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