A Christmas Message for all!

        Welcome to the 14th of December 2013. In ten days from now people will be rushing around getting last minute things for the smiles of the children they may bring. Parents will buy and wrap and do it fast, as the white snow drops to the ground to which it will attach. The sleds will all be out and about, the ice skaters will be sliding and falling around, and the laughter and joy will be the sounds. The kids will want toys, the wife shoes and clothes, and the men will be digging all out, with holes in their clothes. The snow will be here and so will the cheer, and lets hope all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

           Ten Days to Christmas Eve, yes I know it is hard to believe. The year of 2013 will be coming to an end, as families and friends gather round, songs of Christmas Joy will abound. Hopefully the children of today, will learn peace, joy, caring is what I say. No more wars please, no more shootings or pain, can we just have a Christmas and Holiday Season with a way to a good end?  Across the world the Holidays are celebrated in so many different ways, traditions are all out and about, be friendly and ask neighbors, passersbys  and more what theirs means to them and find out what it is all about.

             By The time 2014 comes  into the present, lets hope peace can now come into being, for all the children of the future to be seeing. Happy Holiday Season to All, Whether young or old, white of black, rich or poor, I wish you all enjoy it more. And I hope there will be no War forever more!




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