Christmas Message and Stories in one

“Three Christmas Tales for All!”–

 The above little book recounts three Christmases, that can make one laugh, cry or wonder at it’s magic each year! Please feel free to try it!  The Importance of Christmas/ The Christmas Miracle/ and The Flying Christmas Tree all in one little book for a cheap price! How can one go wrong? It’s on Amazon’s Kindle e-books and done by me!


Next Subject, Christmas is almost here and it seems some have no spirit or care! I can’t change what others do or say, nor can I stop the fears and tears of yesterday. But I can bring smiles and happiness where I can, it’s part of being a decent human. So when you walk down the snowy streets, and see old men begging, or crying at your feet, remember who they really are, they be humans and humans should help one another, and that God says from Afar! Not all are blessed , not all are remembered, and some may not make it through the month of December. So as the Holiday of Christmas comes and go, remember please thos those that hurt have nothing and so. remember the disabled, remember the Veterans who gave all they had to keep the Nation safe, and most of all remember we are all a part of the human race!




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