My Written works and stories!

      Ok so maybe writing is not for me, or maybe it is, I shall never know, unless some on my writings hit people as worth reading and buying. Time shall tell on that one too, for I now have two little books made into paperback books on Amazon’s Kindle E-books for sale. 





“Who Made Me, Me!”

My Little 49 page book on my life is now available on Amazon’s Kindle E-books Online and in Paperback also !

Its a Brief Semi Biographical story of what made me the man I am now and who affected me and what.


 On top of those two I give you a list of my works on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books to check out and see if you like any of them! Help me out folks please!


“Three Christmas Tales for All!”

My Three Christmas Tales of Past Holidays for all to read and enjoy.

Panic On Hunter’s Mountain

My latest Little Story, 8 pages, 0.99 cents on Amazon’s Kindle e-books!

High School Romance and Ending


A fun read about the antics of the crew, and life aboard a navy vessel. The author has a good sense of humor and made the words come alive. Review of my story,
Disappearing Hams

False accusation is the real history of a man who falls in love and marries ABBY and after the divorce she accuses him of sexual crimes against their daughters,a thing that had never happened.
He returns to inspire love and marries another woman but Abby and the daughter never told the truth.
He re-composes the relationship with his daughters when already they are older, but the time cannot go backwards-
I recommend it, is a very touching book.

Review to my e-book on Amazon! Someone actually wrote this about it!

“False Accusations”

A true story of how abuse ruined not one, but three families and lasted for decades!


The Project Murders, in Broad-View Acres -
“Tick, Tock The Infernal Clock” —-
“Fishing Days with Dad” ——
“Abraham- A Man of Contradictions” —-
“My Maria”—
“Rusty The Beagle” —–
“Angie’s Folly”—–
“Three Mandolin Murder Mysteries in One!” —–
“Wails of an Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Child” —
“Three Navy Stories” —-
“Three Amigos”–
“Passing on……………………”—
“God Damn It!”—-
“Women are in Charge!”—
“WHy Hide It?” —-
“The Poems of W.M.M.” —-
“National Guard Hereos”—-
“The Holy Land Murder”—-
“The Poems of W.M.M.” —-
“Romance,Sex and Fools”—
“What Really Happened to Alex?” —
“Unattainable Love”—-
“The Northern Woods Murders”—-



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