Time Shall Tell !

      December 6th, 2013 has arrived and each day brings us closer to another Christmas and ultimately a New Year. Amazing as life is, I still have to wonder how much more I shall get to live of it. I know my sister and even my wife would say stop thinking that way, your gonna go old and grey, even my youngest daughter tells me that all the time. But the facts can and most probably will not fit the puzzle they want for me.

        I was born a problem from day one, when I entered the world, I was ten pounds and 9 ounces of baby boy. I ripped my mother to shreds she would tell me later being born I was so big. Yet I am today the shortest and smallest or her 5 children she had. Then I went on to have 199 seizures in the first nine months of my life, and my mother back then holding my head under warm running water to stop the seizures worked, until at nine months old I fell from a high chair on my head, and wala as they say no more seizures.  Miracles happen they say!

       By Ten years old I was tagged Emotionally disturbed and put in an institution for two years. I survive that one too and returned home. Amazing huh!

        I never Graduated High School I went and got a GED at 19 after working for a few years then went into three different branches of service. I spent time in the U.S. Army, The U.S. Army national Guard and the U.S. Navy, total sixteen years. Crazy right? But I did do it!  The Navy showed me the world, but produced sleep apenea and 6 herniated discs in my spine, plus depression and anxiety attacks. Yet I reenlisted 3 times to keep going and to feed my wife and kids at the time. My fight with The Navy ended when they discharged me Medically under Honorable Discharge in 89.

         I went on from there to go back to school, college, Uncle Sam set me up as a student in Hotel Management Studies in a Community College. I graduated with two awards and a grade point average of 3.7 out of 4.0.  The Awards hang on my wall at home now.

          Today I am retired due to my disabilities and get a service connected Disability payment monthly and Social Security Disability too. I have recently undergone lung cancer Surgery in September 2013 and lost the middle lobe of my right lung. No Chemo or radiation needed yet, but time shall tell I say.Cancer did raise it nasty head in me so now I wonder, will it come back or can it? And if so when or how soon and how much time do I have?

       My Grandfather, maternal, died of cancer at 72, my father died of cancer at 55, my mother at 59 and I have now run the cancer bit and survived so far at 57. The real question is folks, how long can one continue to fight the world, the diseases and the pain of it all and survive. Time Shall Tell!



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