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      I have known too many tales and how they went through in the world and seen them too, It is the Truths that are harder to get at, because people hide behind the lies and false statements and try to make them truths. sad isn’t it? Revenge they say is a dish better served cold, and I agree, but only if what you serve up is true not false. So when your out there telling lies and busting peoples asses or balls, believe one thing it will come back to bite you in the ass in the end!

        Stories I tell are based on real life experiences folks, many are not made up, except for my murder mysteries of course. I write not as an obsession or a game but to deal with mental pain and hurt in my life. So that is why I write!


“Three Christmas Tales for All!”

My Three Christmas Tales of Past Holidays for all to read and enjoy.

Three Christmas Tales for All!
Three Tales of Christmas’s Past that will make you cry or make you laugh!
Disappearing Hams
A Navy story of humor, and sailors out smarting Officers!
Ya might like this if ya like a laugh now and then and silly stories!

“False Accusations”

A true story of how abuse ruined not one, but three families and lasted for decades!


“Angie’s Folly” —-
“My Maria”——-
“The House on Phoenix Avenue”—–




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