Black Friday Sales/ Holidays/

       Black Friday the rush to buy things on sale is happening across America! People are shopping til they be dropping for Christmas Presents! It becomes a crazy time this Black Friday weekend. Yet some Americans like myself will not be spending as much as last year or anything at all this year. Times are rough, no jobs available, or no ability to work anymore like me, disabled in more than one way at a time. Yet, Christmas Season hits every year and I struggle on through it, because it is a Holiday and everyone else loves it, so I will never ruin someone else”s holiday. So I continue on, even after 57 years to do the Holidays for the loved ones in my family never for me. My Christmas times, have always depressed me, for it is when no one watches the poor or wretched or cares for them, they are too busy with family and friends, while some have no one. So to me, Christmas is no big deal, no big smiles, no big laughter or anything else, just a day people celebrate for the wrong reasons and it’s been monetized and commercialized so much it’s crazy. Does anyone really remember the real Christmas. the one where the simple present or visit would do? I guess not, for today it’s not the we society anymore, it the me society, me, me, me and the hell with you, I got mine! Sad huh!

        So to remember earlier, simpler times in my life, I wrote three Christmas tales as short stories for all to see and read and placed them on Amazon’s Kindle E-books for sale —–

“Three Christmas Tales for All!”

My Three Christmas Tales of Past Holidays for all to read and enjoy.


You can comment or review them when your done, Thank You for reading my blog!

PS: My latest story I am writing I have called it The Hanging is in progress and the name may change but I am working on it currently adding twists and more as I go along, now over 7 chapters long and 7,000 words long and growing!



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