Happy Holiday to All/ Writing/Divorce/Story Links

     Happy Thanksgiving  Holiday to All I hope and pray you are all warm, happy and healthy with family and friends and ready for the dinner tomorrow.

After thinking things over and as a friend of mine said to me keep writing it is not important what people like always, if you have something to say, say it, they will listen. So I am starting a new story which is now around 5,000 words long already. I hope and pray when I finish it it will be worthy of some people buying it, but time shall tell, all one can do is write and bleed the thoughts onto the paper and into a book form to sell. If they buy it fine, if not well I have to live with that too, but know I at least let it out! Plus if your going to write, interlace like I do reality and make believe can be interesting if you get my drift, so i am hoping by interlacing certain things I know on a subject with imagination, it will sell and work, Time shall indeed tell!

One more thing to discuss today that is on my mind it’s this thing called divorce. It not only affects the two getting it folks, it affects the children and other relatives around you too. make sure when you get divorced no matter the reason the children suffer the least by paying them attention and letting them know you still love them, even if mommy and daddy can’t live together and get along. It helps them understand and grow up in a healthier environment and understanding that the world and relationships don’t always last forever! It may be necessary for the parents to get divorced but is it ever necessary for the parents to divorce the children or take it out on them, no!

“Three Christmas Tales for All!”

My Three Christmas Tales of Past Holidays for all to read and enjoy.


Stand By Folks I am working on a new Story to be made into book form in the near future!





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