My Stories, Should I continue to Write or Not?

The Death Of The Tidy Bowl Man!

Captains Log; Stardate; 3/15/2013: 8:15 am
I have been stuck in this watery world for months, searching for land. The water gest rough now and then yet I survive.

Captains Log: Stardate: 1/15/2013:
The skies above the ship has become dark on and off, and the water gets rough, I still survive, a water spout hit, but, I survived it by paddling fiercely!

Captains Log; Stardate 3/15/2013:  2;15pm After avoiding the water spout the water has calmed now, yet I don’t know when the next storm will come!

Captain’s Log: Stardate 3/15/2013; 2;30 pm  I am tired after surviving the deadly water spout, and now the skies above have darkened.

Capatains Log Stardate; 3/15/2013; 2;30 pm  Looking up all I see is dark skies no light when suddenly the waters get very rough, large waves buffet my small boat.

Captain’s Log: Stardate 3/15/2013;2;35 pm  The skies have cleared above for now, yet I hear a voice talking to me, what the hell are you doing here?

Captains Stardate03/15;2013;2;36 pm After trying tro answer the voice for what seems like hours I get no reply, yet I hear bombs away yelled as the skies darken.

Captain’s Log; Stardate 03/15.2013: The skies have darken now and the bombs start dropping I fear my end is near. The waters start rushing in a down spout and poofffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, I am gone, Sucked down deep now, looking up I hear a voice, the hell with you Tidy Bowl Man, you’ve had it!

What Really Happened to Alex- True Story

The Holy Land Murder Dectective Mandolin mystery

Unattainable Love- A forty year romance unfullfilled!

/The Northern Woods Murders- Detective Mandolin is called again, three camping buddies two deaths

UnWanted- The Story of an Unwanted child

/ The Disease- Story of a cancer victim dying

Tick Tock The Infernal Clock- Three Generations of Murders solved by time and estrangement

National Guard Hereos- The Story of two Veitnam Veterans teaching young ones in the Guard and their real story of PTSD

Romance, Sex,and Fools

The Poems of W.M.M – Compiled Poems by me

GOd Damn IT

Passing on…………..

Wails of an Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Child

Three Navy Stories

Three Amigos

Women are in Charge!

WHy Hide It?

“Three Christmas Tales for All!”

My Three Christmas Tales of Past Holidays for all to read and enjoy.

All  my stories posted so far on Kindle e-books for sale!  Hope some will read em and buy em!

At Least try them and let me know what you think folks, I need feedback on whether i will continue to write or not!


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