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       Today, I will talk about the Video Console Wars, started recently by X-box One and PlayStation 4 being released one week apart from each other.  What is the difference in the new machines, not much folks if you look closely, both are being run off of AMD Processors, and one, the X-Box One has a AMD Processor that was specially configured for it. Both are now with blue ray disc players and both have great graphics. But both have made a mistake in my mind, they made them non-backwards compatible, to play their predecessors games. So now those of us who have all these games for the X-Box 360 or the Playstation 3 can not use them on the newer consoles. So they upped the price of each game by ten bucks a shot too, did anyone tell these two companies the economy in the world is bad?

         Take the X-Box One, 500 bucks to buy the console, then you add a second controller at 60 bucks a shot, 560.oo already mind you and you still haven’t paid for your first game which now goes 70 bucks a shot. Welcome to 630.00 bucks a shot to play video games on a X-Box one folks.

          The Playstation 4 goes at 399.00 a shot, the same price for a game and controller, and your at 530.00 to start playing there. Crazy huh?  Which Console is better depends on which games you like and who you play with online for multi-player games. The X-box charges 60 bucks a years for servers and now so does PlayStation, by the time your done setting it up and getting the games you want, you will be broke folks, crazy huh? I think so, so unless your a die-hard gamer with money you better hang on to what you have now! Oh and by the way Microsoft will be shutting down the 360 servers in a year or two, and you will have to go to X-Box One and they give you the Kinnect with their mconsole so they can control those servers too, folks. 

           Next subject and I would appreciate that whoever reads this will be honest with me about this subject. My e-mail is, I want your opinion on my writings and whether you believe I should keep writing or just quit because I am not good enough to sell. I need this info because, I like to write folks, but my command of the english language and grammer is not great or perfect and I make mistakes. My concern is I make too many mistakes and my subject matter won’t sell. So please tell me what you all think, please!      


“Who Made Me, Me!”

My Little 49 page book on my life is now available on Amazon’s Kindle E-books Online and in Paperback also !

Its a Brief Semi Biographical story of what made me the man I am now and who affected me and what.

I would appreciate some reads and sales on this! Please give me a try folks and let me know what ya think at, / or by reviewing it in Amazon’s KIndle E-books on the site.


“Three Christmas Tales for All!”

My Three Christmas Tales of Past Holidays for all to read and enjoy.


Panic On Hunter’s Mountain

My latest Little Story, 8 pages, 0.99 cents on Amazon’s Kindle e-books!

High School Romance and Ending


False accusation is the real history of a man who falls in love and marries Jo and after the divorce she accuses it to sexual crimes against their daughters, thing that had never happened.
It returns to inspire love and marries another woman but Jo and the daughter never told the true.
He re-composes the relation with his daughters when already they were older, but the time cannot go back-
I recommend it, is a very touching book.

Review to my e-book on Amazon! Someone actually wrote this about it!

“False Accusations”

A true story of how abuse ruined not one, but three families and lasted for decades!




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