November 22nd, 2013, Looking back!

       50 years ago today at 1 pm CST. President John F. Kennedy was declared dead and our nation and the world froze in time and place, when we heard it. The shots echoed off the walls in Dealy Plaza in Dallas, Texas and are still echoing today through history. 

        I was a seven year old kid in Elementary School on the day in question, as I watched it on television in a classroom that day in black and white. I knew then as I do today, that it was a military type sniper shooting, triangulated to make sure they go him. Yet the Warren Commission did it’s best to convince Americans and the World that it was a single bullet theory and only two shots. fact has now been proven by tapes and dictobelts that three shots rang out that day and a close examination of the Zapruder film clip shows his head going back and to his left as he is hit. So why hide all of it, why not tell the world the truth about Kennedy’s Assassination? Good Question right, well, we may never know for sure, and our Government has the documents, statements, photos and more locked up tight and redacted in everyway they can, why?

         If we ever find out it will not be in anyone’s lifetime that lived on the day, I am sure. If so the Government would have too many people who would stand up and point fingers at them, and ask the damn question why.  It affected the American People, the world and will always be remembered as a day a dream died. Kennedy brought youth,intelligence, guts and ideas to motivate the American people and the world and stood up to the Soviet Union, and Cuba when no one else would, he declared Vietnam a mess and threatened to shut down the CIA. He appointed his brother to attack crime as the Attorney General, and let him go after the Mafia too. There are too many questions regarding who were involved in his assassination and their motives and the cover up began that day in Dallas and Washington. Why though?

        Lets look back at the characters involved in it all and the suspicious ones as I see them.. Yes we can look at Lee Harvey Oswald, and David Ferrie, Carlos Marcello, Santos Trafficanti, Johnny Roselli, Castro and more. Who the hell was Jack Ruby to come out of no where and kill Oswald too, I mean why and who sent him and what was at stake for him in all of it?  What of the man who benefitted the most, the 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, did he get involved and help set it all up? It was his suggestion for Kennedy to visit Dallas that day, to mend the fences in the Democratic Party before the 1964 election. And the result was his Presidency, and his reelection in 1964, wasn’t it? 

        here is a new twist to this Assassination too, why was Richard Nixon in Dallas, Texas on the 22nd of November 1963, and Gerald Ford is assigned to the Warren Commission and later becomes President too. This Assassination led to not only Lyndon Baines Johnson becoming elected, it led to Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford too. It also led to Two more Commissions on Assassination after the Warren Report that declared the Assassination a Conspiracy too.  So please don’t tell the American people or the world it was a lone assassin that killed our 35th President, admit the truth and lets give the American people and the world a way to let President Kennedy really rest in peace.




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