Holiday Season, Children/ America

     Holiday Season has approached folks, it’s almost Turkey day and then on to the Christmas and New Years Holidays. The stores are preparing for the Black Friday Sales and the mad rush of shoppers once more. I think they may be surprised at the amount of people they get, for I believe it will be less than they expect. The Economy is tight, the job market sucks and than we throw Obama Care costs on top and wala a problem. Too many stores are already shutting down and disappearing in America due to the lack of money going around, the lack of customers due to lack of jobs that pay. Connecticut suffers each and everyday from all of this as you go to it’s stores and malls you find empty buildings for rent or spaces. People are asking for heating assistance and food assistance left and right, donations are getting around to giving out a lot more requests. Sad isn’t it, in a state where the economy counted on Government contracts for shipbuilding and weapons, and factories, we now have very few left. We need factories folks, we need more government contracts at our weapons and shipbuilding plants. We need help in Congress and the Senate and people to push for our survival as well as the country. 

America has never had cities in bankruptcy before and all that happens is we see stories and reports on Television and the radio telling us how Detroit is underwater and fighting to survive. The car companies had to be baled out to survive and we are getting small ghost towns here and there. What is wrong with America folks? We are lazy, in too many ways and teaching our children how to watch television, listen to music and play video games, instead of instilling a work ethnic in them, build kids build, build a business, a company, manufacture something worthwhile, lets invent,fabricate and make life better by creating in America. A few decades ago in the 1970s a saying was invented in America, Be American, buy American, we need to bring that back. Support our companies and businesses here and stop buying other companies stuff. Support American Businesses, American Farmers, and lets move America ahead not to a wreck of a place that ends up a tale in a video game in the world.

      Teach the fundamentals once more, reading, writing, arithmetic, take away the electronic games and computers from children, give them a book and make them do chores once more. If the misbehave, punish them and if they get too far out of line and hurt someone, show disrespect, or throw a tantrum them spank em if you have to, but teach them right from wrong. America has become a world of don’t hit your kid or we will take them from you, that is crap, no one took me from my parents when they beat me and my siblings half to death, why make it worse by being too permissive folks. Do your jobs as parents, discipline and correct and teach your children and watch they don’t hang on the streets at night, make them come home at a decent time once more, tell your boys to pull their damn pants up and act normal or stay home, don’t let your daughters go to parties without being watched, there are too many crazy people who may snatch a child up and destroy them. Lets fight back, by Taking command America and controlling the bad and making it right and good once more!




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