Highs and Lows!

      Lets talk highs and lows! Highs are moments you feel no matter what you did right and things went right for all involved but especially for you.

       Lows are those moments when you wish you never did what you did an and nothing turns out right at all. 

        We all have those moments believe me and we all know we have them too.  It seems we learn from the low ones and enjoy the high ones in extremes, not in moderation. There is no way to do anything in moderation except eat that works in life really is there?

        Highs are usually such things as birth,Your first step or word spoken, your first Graduation and Second, your first book you completed, the birth of siblings and the achievement of something you wanted to do, but had been unable to do till you actually got it done. All proud moments in a life usually recorded, in photos and saved for history to see. That first job, that first car, that first date, the loss of your virginity, that first love.  All Highs in anyone’s book right? 

       The lows well lets talk busted relationships, foolish questions or statements. Or maybe you got desperate for attention and did something stupid to get some, whatever it was , we all have low moments in time I call regrets and so should you. That first spanking, that first taking of something not your own, that first lie,that first accident. Or maybe it’s regrets about not taking care of yourself or a loved one, or walking away from a relationship or child you shouldn’t have these are all regrets we have in life. we live, we lose, and we win, but like I always say about sports and events, you win some, you lose some and some you just shouldn’t play!

        The thing to remember folks and I have learned from these highs and lows, and regrets is this, you can’t change the past, you can only control the present and hopefully make the decisions you do now from the lessons in the past to make the future the best you can!



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