Thanksgiving Coming/

      Well soon enough Thanksgiving will arrive Ladies and Gentlemen, and we shall all have a family Holiday some of us like and some of us hate. I remember many a Thanksgiving as a kid I hated, due to parents and relatives hating and fighting with one another. Very few do I remember a good one actually, except one year when mom and dad declared peace and the meal went on without a hitch. We had relatives over, and mom made meat and potato pies and some of each too, dad did the bird and the kitchen was shared and not fought over. Ah, those times of family fun were indeed few and far between in our house as I grew up.

         So as Thanksgiving nears and arrives very shortly, we should all remember family is family they are all we have in the world and to talk to and ask for help from. Family is all many have, you may disagree with a member, a brother, a sister, a father or a mother, but in the end when help is needed, they will be who you turn to, in the end, won’t they?

          Never forget, to be Thankful for what you have now and who you have now. For one day, you may not have them and wish with all your heart and soul you still did, but it won’t change. So treat them right, support each other and be Thankfull that is what ThanksgivingImage is all about, not just the food!


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