Church,No Thank You!

      Happy Sunday, Fun Day as my baby sister likes to say every Sunday! It’s a day filled with slow times, ball games, family and peace usually, and for many church. As I learned though in more than one way the church bit is not for me. As a young teenager I had a argument about the church with a very sear friends mother, and she threw me out of her house for two years, but we ended up dear friends right to the day she died. The church is the most hypocritical organization in the world and it doesn’t matter which religion we talk about. It tries so hard to convince it’s parishioners it is doing good when in fact it is just getting richer and bigger and producing no help for the average human beings.  faith my friends can not get you a meal, a home, a Doctor when needed or family and friends. Sadly the church builds more churches and nothing more, it asks the faithful to donate without regard for the faithful’s own well being or position in the economy and world. Why is it?

       The church has been a problem for centuries now, with their hypocritical things they do, they condemn sexual abuse and crimes then commit it themselves. While I agree with condemning these crimes I don’t think the church should be protecting their own perverted members of the clergy and moving them from country to country and spreading the perversion. Why do we allow them to do this stuff, religious fever or faith which is it folks?

     As a child, my step-father told us all, and there were 5 kids, when you reach your teens you can make a choice if you want to go to church or not. 5 children and not one of us attends church at all, why, we learned the church builds and builds churches and money, but helps no one. Sad isn’t it folks, I think so.

        Whats even worse is the Priests, who keep telling us it is only a few of them who are perverted and sick and they ban them from the churches. They lie, they move them from one station to another or one country to another and keep them hidden and they are good at it too. Why is it allowed, because it is the church doing it and it is protected by their faithful and the Vatican, period.

       here is a fact that happened to me, regarding the religious faithful and their lies and crimes. My ex-father in law raised four children, 2 girls and two boys, and his wife worked. He sexually abused them all four, using them for his own pleasures and make them all keep quiet about it by placing the fear of God into them. Then, I married one of the daughters and had two daughters by her myself and we were married 12 years until a phone call from her mom set in motion the end of not one but three marriages. In the end it caused our divorce, the sister’s divorce, the parents divorce and the two boys are messed up big time, one is sleeping in women’s night gowns and the other is a bi-sexual and lonely as hell as the second daughter is married and divorced at least 5 times. sad isn’t it, and each Sunday this man walks into church as one of it’s faithful, puts some coins in the basket, donates and prays for forgiveness and leaves. And he destroyed not only his own marriage, his two daughter’s marriages, and screwed up two sons, sad isn’t it. But the Church continues to prosper with members like this in it, why?

       I guess the answer will never be forthcoming from the Church or the people who do these crimes. For they forgive all sins right and allow anyone to enter and leave as they wish, such was the story of Judas and Jesus too.

        In closing today of this subject, I want to mention the bible, both versions or all versions. Here is the story folks, it was written chapter by chapter over decades by more then one writer, passed on to the next to continue the story and then compiled as one book of faith. The truth is it is all a fable, put together by the religious right and their people of each faith, why else would we have now so many versions of the story and who is right or wrong is argued each day! So here is what I say to the churches, to the Vatican and any other religious group or party, you may believe what you want and I shall believe what I want, I can pray in my own bedroom myself each night and be heard I don’t need your church or steeple or man or woman of the cloth, I just need inner peace and get it in my own way. 




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