Marriage and Money/ Gaming Console War/X-Mas Stories

      Ok Ladies and Gents or whoever reads this, here is a problem I don’t understand about relationships and marriage. Someone please explain to me why the wife can go out buy whatever she wants like 750 dollars in shoes and never wear them, magazines and books they never read flowers that die twice a year and never come back, but a man can’t go out and buy a new computer, a cell phone, a video game console or even a video game without hearing about it? Please explain folks, cause i still don’t get it, but it is what I go through all the time lol. Happens ina in all relationships I think, if the man loves his woman he gives in and lets her have it all. Funny isn’t it?

         I have the checks monthly the money coming in and she has her social security is all, but she spends six times as much of my money as i do, why is that? Is that normal in a marriage, someone please tell me! I don’t think so, but have no idea what to do about it lol. Sad isn’t it, she says nope and I don’t buy it no matter how much I want it, I say no she buys it anyway, how is this possible? I wish I knew!

       Next the Gaming Console Wars happening shortly. Last friday Playstation 4 was released to the public market. It has great graphics, plays great games, and has of course the Playstation servers out there. It does not come with a Kinnect like the X-Box one will but you can buy an additional camera to add to it if you wish. Price 399.00 for the Console and 69 bucks a game.

        This coming Friday X-Box One will hit the markets and stores. It too has great graphics, sounds and more and all the same additional things like Playstation 4 and a brand new KInect too. It will carry all the APPs like Playstation and, have X-Box online to play on for Servers. 500 dollars for the console and one controller with the kinnect sensor too. Each game will now go 70 bucks like the playstation. Both companies will provide servers for 70 dollars a year like before. Notice everything is an increase in price folks. Both gaming consoles will now be bluetooth capable and all your old games will not work on either console, you will need all new ones. Are these companies crazy or what/ Do we really have this kinda cash around in an economy in trouble/ I don’t think so folks. And as to gaming consoles and video gaming so to say, you all should read yesterday’s post on  the story I wrote called Video Ending, it addresses the possible addictions associated with gaming consoles and game of this sort.

      Here is the link to my latest writing project I put together and on sale on Amazon’s Kindle E-books as a book- I call it–  Three Christmas Tales for All!— Click the blue line and open in a new tab!
Three Christmas Tales for All!
Three Tales of Christmas’s Past that will make you cry or make you laugh!








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