President Kennedy’s Assassination/ and my Little Story

       As I watch television in the evenings and into the night, I see shows popping up on The Kennedy Assassination of November 22nd, 1963 and how it affected America and the people and the world. It comes up once a year as it is and now it is the 50th Anniversary of it all! I was 7 years old that day President Kennedy was shot down in cold blood in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. I remember it well for as students in Elementary School we watched the whole thing on Television, I remember Walter Cronkite as he announced Kennedy’s Death on the tube and his tears and ashen face, as America suffered one hell of a  big lose that day. What would become of his wife and children and his hopes for the country and plans? No one knew and still to this day no one can figure out exactly what his plans were, and if they did include Lyndon Johnson. Yet Johnson took over as President ordering the Warren Commission to put out a report on the Assassination as fast as possible. They did blaming the shooting on a single gunman Lee Harvey Oswald and the magic bullet theory they made up No bullet makes that matter turns and wounds and come out pristine folks, they lied, we know it and so do the commissions after them.. There has been two more now and both came to the same conclusion, President Kennedy was killed as the result of a Conspiracy no doubts about. Yet the American Government won’t tell the people the truth why is that? Are they actually hiding the real reason John Kennedy was killed and the possible killers to protect National Security or to protect the fact they lied to cover it all up? And who is the possible killer or killers of President John F. Kennedy, will we ever know for sure?

         The possibilities are numerous as we all know now, Kennedy wandered on his wife with Monroe and Campbell and many other women. His pillow talk alone could have gotten him killed, then you add in the Bay of Pigs and Castro, and the Russians, well you get the idea folks. Johnson his successor wanted him out of the way and benefitted the best from his death, he took over from the man and changed the direction of the country to favor himself. What of the Mafia/Mob connection, Santos Trafficante, John Roselli, Sam Giancana, and the big man in the South Carlos Marcello. All had beefs with Kennedy or his father, due to the fact they put Kennedy in Office, for his father who bought the votes in West Virginia and Chicago, Illinois. The Kennedy’s owed the MOb and in the end they turned on them and let Bobby Kennedy attack them as Attorney General. He raided them, sent marcello out of the country by deporting him and lots more. So did the Mob order President Kennedy’s Death and the hit? Who knows the information has been hidden and redacted from official documents.  So many photos, scans are changed, so many reports redacted, that the information is now so well hidden it’s sick. Why?

       Any belief I ever had of Lee Harvey Oswald pulling off this Assassination by himself on November 22nd, 1963, is gone in my mind and heart. No way could Oswald a disgraced ex-marine do this alone and make the shot they claimed he made that day. No way in hell, and what was his motive anyway, he said it himself he loved John Kennedy. And who the hell was Jack Ruby and why did he show up suddenly and kill Oswald in the Dallas Police Department Basement that November 23rd. Explain please, as Ruby said then to Earl Warren and Gerald Ford, you will never learn the truth of what happened here. His words now ring in history as truthful and honest and if you listen also fearful in every way. he feared for his own life and his sisters too, so he shut up. He dies in prison of cancer suddenly and the trail goes cold, why? Will we ever know the truth of the Assassination, the motive, the real killers, and how it was really pulled off, nope, Uncle Sam has deemed it all National Security Information no one can get to now!

       Here is the bottom line folks, no matter what the American People want to know about Kennedy’s Assassination on November 22nd, 1963, will never be known, for our Government believes they need to protect us from the knowledge of it all. And as long as Big Brother, who is Called Uncle Sam says it is for our protection and national security reasons, we will never get the truth.

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