Veteran’s Day

       It’s Monday folks and the beginning of a new week for all, ,but it is also Veteran’s Day once more.  It’s a day all should stop and thank that person in a military uniform for their service and their bravery and pride. It’s a day we should all remember they gave their years of their lives to protect all of us, each and everyone, who lives in America. Veteran’s day makes one pause even if only for a moment, as you think about the freedoms Americans have verses others around the world. It is our Veteran’s who provide that, and more, defending and supporting and working to make America better each day and night they serve. So when you walk down the street and see a Veteran with a missing lef or arm, or eye,, or anything else you may think of, or one who can’t stand up straight, or has PTSD or other injuries you can’t see. remember they did what they did, serving not for themselves but for all of us you see!

I am such a Veteran who did 16 years in the Military Services, serving my country to keep us free and with the rights we have each day. I suffer each day myself with 6 herniated discs in my spine, PTSD, Sleep Apnea, Nightmares that wake me in cold sweats, Depression and Anxieties from it all. Yet I would never change or give up one moment of the time I served for it did what I wanted it to do, protected those I loved here at home. 

Back near the beginning of my service I choose to serve in the Connecticut Army National Guard in Naugatuck, Connecticut my home town at the time. We did the two weeks per year in the summer routines and the drills. We served proudly and with dignity and honor for sure but we also had good times.

I knew a couple of special men in that Unit who I became friends with in many ways and who I served under. Their names were Armand and Louie for safety sake no last names are allowed here. Both at the time were Vietnam Veterans and suffered from their own problems as Veterans of Vietnam. So I wrote a story about the two of them, I called National Guard Heros, and Posted it online on Amazon’s KIndle E-books for all to read. I will leave you with the link today on Veterans Day, so all who want to read a true story of bravery can see it. National Guard Heros, I hope some will read and understand what these men went through for the country they loved. God Bless America!



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